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24 Facts about Intrepid Emma

April 4, 2018

Hi everyone! My name’s Intrepid Emma and this marks my first blog post on I am so excited to share my experience of the world with you, hear your stories, and build a positive, creative community together.

April 20th marks my 24th birthday, so I’ve decided to introduce myself by sharing 24 completely random facts about me. Maybe you’ll see how many things we actually have in common!

24 facts about me…

  1. Gilmore Girls is my all time favourite TV show. It really helped my mom and I communicate over the years, and re-watching an episode always makes me feel like I’m coming home.
  2. I work in E-Learning, which is amazing because to learn is to live and to live is to learn!
  3. I’m an introvert through and through, and it’s so much easier as an adult!
  4. I have anxiety and am currently working with a treatment team to improve it. 😊
  5. I am a sucker for rewards programs (Second Cup, I’m looking at you).
  6. Self-help and psychology books are my go-tos.
  7. Harry Potter is my favourite book series but I haven’t reread it in years!
  8. The first book I ever wrote was called “Hockey Dogs” and involved my puppy Maple creating an ice hockey team with other Canadian-named pups. I was 8 at the time.
  9. Youtube and Netflix are all I need for entertainment pretty much all day long.
  10. My dog Luna has a pink bow tie on her collar (okay, not really a random fact about me)
  11. Toronto is my adopted hometown and I plan to be here for a long while!
  12. During university I took a gap year to teach English near Barcelona. It was WAY less expensive than studying abroad and it really helped me grow!
  13. I stopped growing at twelve years old and remain a solid 5’3”.
  14. Hockey used to be my favourite sport to play until I was forced to join girls teams. ☹ Preteen girls have got to be kinder to each other!
  15. A couple friends and I will go trampolining for my birthday this year. I really hope it awakens our childhood spirits.
  16. Writing a list of 24 random facts is way harder than I thought!
  17. More often than not, I travel solo. Less often, I really want to travel solo. But, I do it anyway!
  18. I am super lucky in that I have visited Disney World THREE times.
  19. At age 21, I had to give up vegetarianism after ten years. It was an incredibly difficult and slow decision, but the right move for my health.
  20. My family is half Italian, from the tip of the boot in Calabria.
  21. I speak Spanish, understand Catalan, and am trying to learn Italian. Despite being Canadian, I cannot string words together in French. This is more common than you’d think.
  22. My first trip abroad without my family was on a special high school program to study Classical Civilization in Tunisia, Malta, and parts of Italy over one month. It was hell (sandstorm, sickness, bullying etc.) but also an awesome awakening to my academic interests and passionate love for travel.
  23. My middle school friends and I wrote a blog for almost three years where we mostly discussed our favourite books and had an awesome time doing so.
  24. My dream is to help others awaken their passions and joys in life and to practice loving themselves while they do it.


That’s it for 24 random facts about me! I hope you’ve learned a bit more about who I am and feel welcome to share your interests, feelings and creativity on this blog with me.

Thank you so much sharing your time, and don’t forget to sign up to my mailing lists so you know when there’s more!

I’ll see you all next time. 😊

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