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A Gift Guide from a Writing Coach for Small Businesses

November 30, 2020

As a writing coach for small businesses, I’ve been blessed to support many entrepreneurs through the challenges of the past year.

I believe deeply in the work they’re doing and the genuine love they put into their work. So this holiday gift guide will highlight a couple of these incredible humans and their wide-ranging offers!

(While many consider themselves online business owners, their locations are included here so you can choose to shop small and local.)

Alright, ready for some meaningful holiday cheer for you and your loved ones?


There’s Always Something WonderFULL

It was an honour to support Social Impact Photographer Sarah Coniglio with her recently published coffee table book, There’s Always Something WonderFULL.

While Sarah travels the world taking her impactful photos, this collection was created during lockdown in her home of New Jersey. Here’s how we describe the book:

Explore the beauty and hope of 2020 through photography. This beautiful coffee table book will remind you that in the midst of a challenging year, there were also moments of beauty and kindness. There will always be hope, as long as you know where to look. There’s Always Something WonderFULL is the perfect gift for a loved one, near or far, whose spirit needs lifting this holiday season.

Sarah Coniglio's book There's Always Something WonderFULL


Folkloric Jewellery

Treat yourself or a loved one to sustainable jewellery that transforms you when you put it on.
Scottish jeweller and goldsmith Lindsay Forbes is the creator of Laconic, a jewellery brand inspired by stories and culture. (I personally own a pair of her earrings that transform me into the goddess Beira, forming mountains with her hammer.)
Laconic has a Christmas promotion starting on December 7th, with free gift wrap available on all orders for one week only. This is especially perfect if you’re sending these jewels as a gift to someone you can’t spend the season with in person! Simply type code XMASWRAP in the order notes section at checkout.
Lindsay of Laconic's jewellery is a perfect holiday gift!


Kiss my…. trainings

For the creative business owner, my client and collaborator Michelle of MKW Creative Co. offers incredible, on-demand training on content, Instagram and TikTok.

Here’s how she describes the Kiss my… series: “It’s a chance for small biz owners and designers alike to get a taste of how they can optimize the time they spend on social media by learning the best practices for brand consistency on each platform.”

Fittingly for digital nomad Michelle, you can access the trainings from anywhere with an internet connection, but technically she’s based in San Diego, USA!

Michelle of MKW Creative Co. wears many hats! She wears a literal one here.


Specialty (and Custom!) Wrapping Paper

Turn a simple gift into an entire experience with specialty wrapping paper by Mia’s Papier. Owner Mabel is an independent designer from New York, and all her wrapping paper is made in the USA.

You can even commission a custom wrapping paper design with your child’s name and favourite toy, like this one an auntie did for her nephew Peter who loves rabbits! Hence the Peter Rabbit design (pictured below.)

This is also an impactful branding opportunity for small businesses sending gifts to clients this holiday season!

Peter Rabbit custom wrapping by paper by Mia's Papier


Personal Styling Services

Start the New Year feeling completely empowered in your clothes! The whimsical and kind KC of Curating Confidence is offering a Holiday Countdown promo on her virtual styling services. (In person too – she’s in the Georgia, USA area!) Here’s what she says:

“If you’re ready to be unshakably confident, silently own every room you walk into, show up for yourself unapologetically, and dress for the job you deserve, then darling, I’m the expert stylist for you!”

Make sure you mention her Holiday Countdown Promo when you chat for something special!

I'm a writing coach for small businesses like Curating Confidence!


The Joy of Being a Writing Coach for Small Businesses!

These are just a select few of the change-making humans I’ve had the joy of supporting in 2020 as a copywriter and writing coach for small businesses in the online world.

From jewellery to social media presence, and gift-giving to fashion, all these women have in common the goal of helping others express themselves and show up confidently in the world. That’s my goal as their coach too.

What a joyful holiday season when we’re making the world better together!

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