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Your voice matters. Set it free.


 Writing genuine copy and content that also grows your business feels like an impossible feat.

You feel invisible online. Your website — if you have one — doesn’t seem to attract new clients, and your email list is tiny.

You struggle to share on social media and write blog posts. Your most common phrase is either, “What’s the point of creating so much content?” or “What more can I even say?”

You wish you had your own marketing expert so you knew every piece of content was adding up to a bigger, ideal audience and more business.

You feel like you’re always playing catch up with creating content or website copy, trying to stay afloat.

You have a meaningful product or service that you truly believe will bring more joy and connection to peoples’ lives – and you want to make a great living with it!


Intrepid Emma smiling in Barcelona

Grab a chair on the plaza! It’s time to discover the 3 keys to online business success:

1) brand messaging, 2) content marketing, and 3) genuine sales copy.

What’ll you have? I’m thinking a café con leche.

Nice to meet you, my friend. I’m Emma Givens, Founder and CEO of the brand messaging and copywriting boutique Emma Givens: Content & Copy (EGC&C). I traded in 10 years of corporate comforts to bring the power of brand messaging in writing to entrepreneurs.

At EGC&C, we’re all about developing a relationship with you. We’re your partners, invested in your long-term success. Using our signature WISDOM framework, we coach you to make your writing stronger, emotionally resonant, and results-oriented.

Our foundational approach is based on your values.

Together, we combine masterful copy strategy, a unique brand voice that stands out, and a marketing message that resonates with your ideal audience. 

Our mission is to get your copy and content marketing to bring clients to you – so you make a great living doing the work you love most. Here are some of the tangible ways we’ve impacted the lives of women entrepreneurs like you:

  • Writing masterful copy for new websites
  • Growing and nurturing email lists
  • Maximizing sales with email marketing
  • Freeing up your time by managing content marketing for you
  • Developing your confidence when sharing your message with clients, investors, podcasts, media – and let’s be real, even family
  • And more!

Take your first step now in discovering how copy and content writing based on your values will transform your business growth for life.


Emma’s Origin Story

I’ve always loved writing. I wrote short stories and novels starting from the age of 8 with my first self-published (i.e. tissue-paper bound) novella, Hockey Dogs. I continued to write novels every few years, but something changed by the time I’d blown out the candles on my 14th birthday. I stopped sharing those stories, whereas I used to send them via email to friends. Now, I kept them either to myself or with my mom for feedback.

Close up of hands writing.

Why was that?

Writing to escape

Years of bullying for my appearance, my unique skills, and my views had trained me into believing that I was safer if I hid away. I felt agonizingly “weird” and truly believed that something was wrong with me.

Writing stories was simultaneously an escape, yet more vulnerable than ever if it got into the hands of the wrong person. I thought that reading about my thoughts, experiences, or even fictional imaginings would reveal the truth: I’m not normal.

And so I hid my words and resolved never to share them unless they were perfectly crafted and considered. Which meant… self-imposed writer’s block. It meant anxious brain fog, self-censoring even during what should’ve been brainstorming, and feeling embarrassed when I’d written anything outside what seemed like it’d be accepted. I was safe. And I was absolutely miserable.

A (literal) flight to the adult world

Intrepid Emma in BarcelonaAs a young adult in my second year of university, I reached a breaking point. For years, I’d wanted to study abroad, and ended up signing on to do a gap year teaching English near Barcelona, Spain. The emotional risk was enormous, living in a new place, knowing no one, using 2 different languages I’d never spoken before, and doing a job I’d never tried. But it had become more painful to disappear from the world than it was to try showing up again, just one more day. And thank goodness I did.

Suddenly, I was in the “adult world” where thankfully, more people have empathy, patience, and politeness than 10-year-old mean girls. Many of those mean girls have gone through terrible experiences too, and come out a little kinder on the other side. 

People showed kindness to me first, when I was accepted right away by the two other university-age girls on the teaching program with me. That made all the difference.

A month later, I was safe enough to share with one of them some of the negative beliefs I had about myself, especially about how I appeared and spoke in the world. She was able to respond with the eyes of an adult who’d met me, with compassion, and with ideas to help turn those beliefs around.

Who am I? The road to integration

Over the next year, I had enough opportunities to question my crippling fear of judgement, and enough connection to peers who understood me that I began to show up more, and take more risks.

By my early 20s, I’d reached out to a therapist through my company’s Employee Assistance Program (thank goodness for benefits like that) who helped me make strides I never imagined possible.

  • I learned to question the spiral of anxiety with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques.
  • There was a safe space to reconnect to the parts of me I’d labelled “weird” or “wrong.”
  • I created safety for my hurt, scared inner child with a more loving and gentle adult voice of my own.
  • I retold my story and revealed my inner message.

My voice mattered. I’d set it free.

Intrepid Emma in Cadaques

And I started to share my discovery with others who needed it. 

After finding my own writing approach, I explored every possible corner of that marketing department, taking on their content marketing projects (which fell completely outside my job description as a client relationship manager. 

Within a year, I was writing for business’s websites and creating educational content driven by the person’s personalities and stories. I wrote everything from an email series about the journey of grief, to cover letters and grant applications, to technical advice pieces, and blog posts about multicultural gardens.

As I set out on my own entrepreneurial journey, that first marketing department became my client, and I took on more and more women entrepreneurs along the way. Some I coached to share their brand message through their own writing, and others’ I supported by crafting it into masterful writing for them.

I know it’s important to share the power that comes with getting clarity on your values and your message. Every time a woman frees her voice, it sets a precedent, and shows others that it’s fulfilling and empowering to share theirs too.

My core values are autonomy, inclusivity, generosity, connection, and trust. They drive everything we do as a business, from onboarding team members to celebrating your wins wholeheartedly as our client.

Intrepid Emma typing at her laptop

I’m here to help women entrepreneurs show up with confidence, and connect on a genuine level with customers and clients who are thrilled about their work. The tried and true way is by helping you embrace your values and message with support, and step into ownership of your story through the power of words. It’s our honour, and we know you’ll love every moment of it.

Free your voice too

You’ll find all the details of our Services here. And, I’d be honoured to personally connect with you on a call to talk about the support options that will suit you best.

Just like now, let’s meet on our virtual plaza, sipping café con leche.

Meet the Team

Our goal in supporting YOU: get your copy and content marketing to feel good and bring clients to you – so you make a great living doing the work you love most.

Emma Givens

Emma Givens

Founder & CEO

Emma’s a brand messaging strategist, content marketer and copywriting coach for small business owners. She traded in 10 years of corporate comforts to bring the power of brand messaging to entrepreneurs. 

Emma helps you make your writing stronger and results-oriented using her signature WISDOM framework. She combines masterful copy strategy, a unique brand voice that stands out, and a message that resonates with your ideal audience.

Sarah Kaufmann

Sarah Kaufmann

Junior Copywriter

Sarah supports Emma on our behind-the-scenes corporate clients’ copy and content writing projects.

Sarah’s an expert in the niches of travel, arts, plant-based living, mental health, and queer-owned business.

Sarah’s a recent Musical Theatre graduate from Randolph College for the Performing Arts. Being in the theatre world, she’s passionate about dismantling the starving artist” (and entrepreneur) trope.


Cody Garner-Howe

Cody Garner-Howe

Online Business Manager

Cody focuses on making sure the back-end systems of EGC&C are operating smoothly. She says, “it may seem boring,” but she “really enjoys creative problem solving, organizing processes and making sure that the creative members of the team have time to focus on the important stuff – writing and coaching!”

Cody’s a cat mom who likes to spend her free time reading, working out, or planning her next trip abroad. 

Robyn Brown

Robyn Brown

Virtual Assistant

Robyn creates the EGC&C team’s professional graphics, handles emails and media pitches, manages social media, and even more!

Robyn studied business in university, with a concentration in marketing. She’s also a self-taught photographer and graphic designer.

Robyn’s also an entrepreneur in her own right with her clothing brand Fikawear, and is comfortable wearing many different hats for our team.

Berta Garrote

Berta Garrote

Video Editor & Pinterest Manager

Berta takes care of the EGC&C YouTube channel including editing, show notes, thumbnails, and snippets. With her own team, she also manages the EGC&C Pinterest account , making sure everything runs smoothly. She says, “Emma only needs to share her incredible knowledge in a video, and I’ll take care of the rest!”

When she’s not editing or creating, you can find her outdoors, chatting with a friend, or planning her next adventure!

Emma’s Recent Publications

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