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April Favourites for a Self Care Spring

May 17, 2018


Check out my four April Favourites below for some self care experiences this spring.

Clinique Moisturizer

A common way to start practicing more self care is by taking care of your body. So one of my April Favourites was all about skincare.

I absolutely adore my new, Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel. For the longest time I just switched across moisturizers recommended to me by spas (like Dermalogica), but never found a moisturizer that felt like a treat for my skin.

Clinique Moisturizer

After extensively reading reviews, I decided to splurge (about $30 Canadian) on this Clinique option. The look of the product itself is even soothing because the transparent container is smooth, and the cream is a soft yellow. Since it’s transparent, you can see when the product is getting low, and if you drop it, it won’t break since it’s made of plastic! (I’ve had expensive disasters before…)Clinique MoisturizerClinique Moisturizer 

 The gel is suited to combination and oily skin, while the lotion formula is best for dry skin. As someone with oily skin, I greatly appreciate the fact that this product is nourishing without clogging pores and all while helping to keep my skin healthy and clear. My face feels softer and healthier after wearing the moisturizer overnight.

 If you’re looking to invest in good quality basic skincare items for your skin as a way to share your body some love, I highly recommend you try out the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizer.

POPSUGAR Fitness                                                                                                                                      

I absolutely love the variety of dance workouts available right from home on the POPSUGAR Youtube channel. Sometimes it’s hard to get out there and try a new class with so many new people, but we still need our exercise! 

On POPSUGAR, different fitness instructors with their own styles do tutorials on everything from Zumba to the Victoria’s Secret workout, to classic cardio. Every tutorial comes with a familiar face, host Anna Renderer, who is fit but has never done the specific workouts before so she’s a great stand in for you as a learner. Whenever the instructors cheer Anna along, I feel like they’re encouraging me too!

The classes range in length so you can fit them into your schedule. You can also pick a class and instructor who bests suits your own fitness goals. Along with Anna and the instructor, there is always an assistant to the instructor who demonstrates modifications suited to people with injuries or limited mobility, or if you simply want to take it easy on yourself during the workout. There is honestly such a fun, free way to exercise for anyone on POPSUGAR.

Want to try my personal fave? This Latin dance workout perfect for your living room is incredibly fun!

Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte

Cinnamon Dolce Latte

Secondly, I’ve discovered a Starbucks drink that’s super satisfying but low in calories. I just had to share in my April favourites! Ask for the skinny version (nonfat milk + sugar free syrup) of a tall, Cinnamon Dolce Latte at Starbucks.

Can you guess the total calorie count? For this spicy, warming drink (similar to the spices used in Starbucks holiday beverages), you only consume 60 calories!! I couldn’t recommend this little sip of heaven more. It’s a guilt-free treat.

The Mask of Zorro

When I was a little girl, there were two VHS tapes I watched over and over again at my grandparents house: Gordie, and the Mask of Zorro. I would watch Gordie with my nonna, panicking every time the little pig (Gordie) ended up in the swimming pool. With my nonno, however, I watched of Zorro. Nonno was a fan of westerns, and Zorro includes many of a western’s best elements (the desert, epic music etc.) However, it takes place in Spanish

Zorro and his romantic interest exchange a passionate glance.
Zorro and his romantic interest exchange a passionate stare.

California, adding some unique cultural and historical elements into it as well. Zorro was once a hero of the people, and he is revived (by Antonio Banderas) after the original Zorro’s foe returns from Spain. There is incredible romantic tension between Banderas and Catherine Zeta Jones, and there’s also humour, good vs. evil, sword fighting, etc. Plus, Antonio Banderas has the most beautiful Spanish accent I’ve ever heard.

 How did The Mask of Zorro end up being one of my favourites from April 2018? I caugh it on TV, and was reminded of what a genuinely well made, well scripted movie it is. I have enjoyed it every time I ever watched it, and I will happily watch it many times more. Check it out!

That’s it for my favourites of April 2018! Did you have the chance to check out my recent post on Puppy Yoga? This is a new favourite that will make anyone’s list!

Stay brave, everyone!

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