Renaissance Milan (Part Two): Last Supper and Luini

New to my Milan series? Before learning about the Last Supper, first check out my recent blog posts on the Duomo and Historic Centre, and Renaissance Milan (Part One): Sforza Castle. Milan has a reputation as a wealthy city, full of private gardens and a love for fashion. Sforza Castle is just one example of […]

Renaissance Milan (Part One): Sforza Castle

  Milan’s current association with wealth, privacy and aesthetics traces back to its Renaissance peak. In parts one and two of this Renaissance-themed blog series, you’ll learn about the sites that will bring the origins of Milanese identity to life on your next vacation. The Sforza Castle Façade Sforza Castle is the perfect place to […]

Milan: The Duomo Neighbourhood (Centro Storico)

Skip the wait – buy a Duomo rooftop pass Okay, so to get this pass you’ll still need to drop by the ticket building which could take up to 20 minutes of your time depending on whether the automated machines are running. But the real wait everyone dreads is outside the Duomo entrance, to actually […]