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The fastest way to increase your web traffic, email list, and client conversions - all while connecting authentically with the people you’re meant to serve.
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Raise your hand if this sounds like you:

  • Tired of wasting hours on social media trying to find clients because your website doesn’t convert?
  • Sick of putting effort into your website when it doesn’t get you leads?
  • Ready to grow your email list but your freebie isn’t cutting it?
  • Overwhelmed by content creation that very few people even read? 
  • Want to know how to use SEO so that your ideal customers find you easily?
  • Get a “yucky” feeling in your stomach when you think of copywriting and sales?

Imagine what it’ll feel like when your ideal clients spend just a few minutes on your website and know you’re the one to help them.

  • Sleep easy at night, knowing money and clients are flowing in while you sleep because of your web copy.
  • SEO easily gets you seen by your ideal clients when they Google the problem you solve.
  • Content creation is authentic and streamlined, saving you time and serving the audience that needs you.
  • You’re confident and relaxed because you know when you send that “I’ve got a spot open!” email to your list, you’ll be booked the same day.
  • Financial abundance is in your future with so many client conversions, and you’re doing more of the work you love.
  • Your message is connecting with more people than ever, and your expert image has grown so you can pitch to more podcasts, bigger clients, and speaking gigs.

 You’re a passionate business owner on a mission to improve the lives of your clients. The problem is that you’re spending more time searching for them on social media than actually serving the clients who need you, and doing the work you love most.

You need a website that brings ideal leads straight to you and connects with them so strongly that they convert into your clients.

That’s the exact reason I created the Website Copy Audit: to take you from feeling overwhelmed and invisible online, to easily connect with your ideal clients when they need you most through authentic website content.

Hey, I'm Emma!

Hey, I'm Emma!


You’ll get 1:1 support from me, an international copywriter, brand messaging strategist, and writing coach for entrepreneurs.


I traded in corporate comforts to work as an authentic ghostwriter and consultant for purpose-driven online business owners that make a difference in the lives of their clients – business owners just like you.

Your Website Copy Audit includes:

  • A 2-minute pre-assessment form so that your website audit is entirely customized and pinpoints solutions for your unique business goals.
  • Comprehensive website copy review that lets you sleep easy, knowing that an expert partner is going to give you the exact answers you need to attract and convert more clients with copy.
  • A 30 minute, 1-on-1 Zoom call to go over your audit results and answer any questions you have about easily boosting your web traffic, your email list, and client conversions.
  • A unique, 3-step action plan so that you immediately implement the biggest game-changers to your web copy, saving you time and making you money while serving the people who need you most!

This Website Copy Audit stands apart because of how customized it is to your unique voice and business. 

Time after time, my clients say that our collaboration results in web copy that attracts leads and converts because our authentic approach is empowering and actively builds trust with their ideal clients.

They walk away feeling inspired to make their website visible and persuasive so they can reach the people who need them most, and transform more lives than they ever dreamed possible.



It’s only $297 USD for a limited time!

Ready to connect with more clients? Your website copy audit is the key.

“Emma has been immensely impactful to my overall website and ability to launch faster. She helps make what you’ve already done a better (much better) version of itself. I highly recommend Emma – she’s an absolute expert!”

Polina Wilson

Career Coach and HR Expert for Businesses, www.polinawilson.com

“Emma is a brilliant copywriter and I love her approach to teaching non-writers like myself. She’s patient, kind and approachable which makes it easy for people to connect to her and trust her. I felt as if I too can write and had the ability and capability to do so. I look forward to watching the workshop replays!”

Mabel Serulle

Brand and textiles designer and founder of Mia Alexander Design Co. and wrapping paper boutique Mia’s Papier, www.jencunningham.co.uk

“Emma helped us gain clarity on who we are, what our big purpose is, what we want to say, and who we should be talking to. She helped us launch our website and develop copy for it that we are extremely proud of. I’m thankful from the bottom of my heart!”

Lisa Bean

Co-Founder of Empowered 4 Growth, www.empowered4growth.com

“The Brand Messaging Workshop Series really helped me to gain clarity and understand my brand and how to communicate who I am and what I do better. I have more confidence in standing up for what I believe in, and that my values, archetype, and stories are what make my brand unique.

‘You bossed it, Emma! You created an absolutely amazing group to be part of and it felt so welcoming. I loved looking forward to our weekly sessions together and knew that I was gonna learn something from it and come out feeling energized.”

Lindsay Forbes

Jewellery Designer and Founder of Laconic, www.laconicjwls.co.uk

Getting more clients starts here. Claim your website copy audit today.

A little more about Emma:

A little more about Emma:


You know how entrepreneurs have a really big vision they want to share with the world?

I help them make their copywriting better and get their content strategy to do the work for them.

That’s how they can easily establish themselves as experts in their fields, grow their audience, make more sales, and spend more time doing the work that matters most.