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Digital Nomad 101: Making Money

June 17, 2019

The life of a digital nomad is an exciting option for the 21st century.

Experts note that we have a “developmental sweet spot” in the decade of our twenties – a time for exploration with intention. Why wouldn’t we want to explore the world as we explore our own lives? There are incredibly valuable skills to be earned for 20-somethings who travel with a purpose. To name a few:

Emma in California

  • Practice intercultural communication
  • Learn (and perfect) new languages
  • Meet like-minded people
  • Find a place other than your own that feels like home
  • Figure out your driving passion
  • Take on a different types of work and develop practical skills

Traditional jobs are unstable and increasingly few and far between.

This is largely because companies cheap out by offering contract-only work, as well as creating barriers to young people who can’t get a first job without already having had a job. (Talk about frustrating!)

Plus, older companies are often not in line with Millennial and Gen Z values. We care about social consciousness, meaningful work, connection, flexibility, and innovation.

As digital nomads we can live out these values when we take an independent approach to building a life we believe in. We can choose work situations and projects that match our values and unique abilities.

Sound easy?

I know you’re thinking… this is a huge risk! What can we do to create some measure of support for ourselves?

There are a few pieces: have some level of savings and an emergency fund, choose a location with strong local work opportunities for English speakers and even start with a program for the first while, and the most important in the long run? Create a holistic plan for generating multiple sources of income. You should have at least 2-3 different income sources, to ensure that you are never 100% dependent on one in case it disappears. It also means that you can make changes as time goes along.

Check out the info-graphic below for some of the most common and reliable income sources for digital nomads!

List of different income sources: work-from-home contracts, passive income, UX testing, teaching English, Writing, Web and Graphic Design

Are you interested in adding another piece of the puzzle to your digital nomad income plan? Let me know in the comments!

Also, if you are genuinely interested in teaching English online (one of my sources of income), signup to the Intrepid Emma newsletter for your free Hiring Guide on the right-hand side of this page.

Until next time, stay brave.


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