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Five Easy Tips for Emotional Relief

April 12, 2018


Are you in need of emotional relief? Many great self care tips involve building healthy habits, and while these have the long-term effect of improving our lifestyle, they may not help us in a rough moment.

When we feel down on ourselves and can’t even get out of the house, it’s important to have an easy step that can get us on a roll to more powerful self-care.

Here are 5 surprising, easy tips for emotional relief that you can try right now.


  1. Make a little music

Did you play piano as a kid? Do you sing in the shower?

Make a little noise using your instrument of choice, whether you start by reading music, or just bang on some pots and pans.

Play with dynamics – the volumes in your song. Create different rhythms. Invent words to match the beat. 

Sing along to your favourite song while it plays so loudly on the stereo that you can’t hear yourself! The louder you are, the more cathartic it could be for pent up emotions. But making a little music quietly, maybe even under your breath, is still artistic expression, letting you release your feelings into the world.

Perhaps the best part of making music is that you can follow what feels good. It could be the strings under your fingers, the expansion of your lungs, or the vibration under your feet. Music is soothing and evocative, and just outright fun!

  1. Soft sensations

Sometimes we feel down because we are lonely, and we could really use a hug. Whether you live alone or must wait a while for a loved one to be near, remember that the emotional benefits of physical touch can be brought about in other ways as well.

Snuggle under a comfy blanket to feel cozy, splash your face with cool water because it’s invigorating, or give your hand and arm muscles a nice massage while moisturizing. 

I recently bought the softest robe imaginable and it has made getting up to have a shower in the cold air of winter so much more pleasant. I go from hot water to a warm, fuzzy bathrobe that reaches my feet, and comforts me with softness the whole time.

Remember the power of softness. 😉

  1. Do 20 jumping jacks

If you can muster energy for just twenty seconds, get up and jump 20 times straight.

Why?  Exercise releases endorphins in the body which makes us feel happier! And we can almost always find enough strength to get started with twenty seconds, no equipment necessary for tasks like jumping jacks or sit ups.

Once you get started moving, it’s a lot easier to take that good feeling and burst of energy forward into your day. It can reset your whole mood.

  1. Send a “Hey, what’s new?” message

If you can’t even get up off the couch, it’s still probable that you’ve got your phone in your hand. That’s okay! Use it to make yourself feel good instead of scrolling mindlessly through your newsfeed – or, at least take a break from it for a second!

Send a single text that’s as simple as “Hey, what’s new?” to someone you haven’t contacted for in a while. Which conversation thread is older than a month? Start there!

This one text could open up a whole conversation and chance for human connection. Maybe it’ll result in plans to meet up, or just make you feel good for initiating contact with someone you really care about.

This simple act of reaching out can improve our relationships, and we all know how important strong relationships are for our mental health.

  1. Fidget!

There’s a reason we almost all loved to doodle in school. If we’re nervous, stressed, or even excited, we can release that pent up energy by fidgeting and freeing our conscious minds to calm and concentrate more on the task at hand.

Doodling and colouring are fun and easy for people of all ages. You can also squeeze or toss around a stress ball, twirl the ring on your finger, or braid your hair.

Caring for yourself means recognizing the positive ways you can improve your mood by letting yourself fidget when it’s what your body needs. Tap into that mind-body connection.

I coloured this page from “The Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Colouring Book.”

I hope even one of these quick, self-care strategies can help you build momentum towards longer self-care rituals that will enhance your daily life.

Do you have any other quick, go-to tips for engaging with your feelings and lifting your mood? Different tips work for different people, so I’d love to hear what works for you.

Stay brave, folks!

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