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Five Positive Podcasts to Brighten your Day

April 24, 2018


Why listen to podcasts?

Well, have you ever found yourself in a bad mood on your commute, and lost yourself in upsetting thoughts?

Did you arrive at your destination in a worse mood than when you left?

We’ve all been there, and bad moods are completely normal. However, if we notice that we feel worse during these quiet moments when our environment is out of our control, there are tips we can try to improve our mood.

Girl listening to a podcast while walking.

 We might even transform our commutes into a glimmer of zen.

An easy option is to throw on a positive podcast

Podcasts are in a renaissance of sorts, with entire networks popping up, particularly in North America. A few of my favourite networks are Panoply and Maximum Fun which offer professionally produced podcasts about everything under the sun.

In this blog post I’ll share with you 5 positive podcasts that are always on my phone because they spark joy in my life. Get your podcast app ready so you can subscribe!


  1. Happier with Gretchen Rubin

Gretchen Rubin is the author of several New York Times bestsellers, including The Happiness Project and Better than Before.  On the Happier podcast, she collaborates with her sister Liz, a writer of Hollywood hits like the 2018 TV series For the People.

On Happier, the sisters explore tips and tricks to build more joy into your daily life, working in harmony with your personality and priorities.

There is a real sense of community in the Happier realm. Gretchen’s passion for the subject shines through, and their sisterly love makes it possible to comfortably question the choices we make in our daily lives on the path to joyful living.

  1. By the Book

Like Happier, By the Book is a podcast on the Panoply network, but with a rather different flavour. 

Logo for the By the Book Podcast

 Kristen and Jolenta spend two weeks at a time living by a new self-help book, from the empowering (What to Say When You Talk to Yourself) to the agonizing (Miracle Morning).

On the podcast, the ladies recount their experiences with interjections of (sometimes NSFW) recordings from their real-life conversations with their husbands, and in-the-moment snapshots of their struggles and triumphs.

Both ladies are incredibly funny, progressive and authentic, and will feel like your good friends after the first episode – and I do recommend starting from the first episode since they are all too precious to miss! You’ll see growth, especially in Jolenta’s personality, on this reality show-style, self-help journey.

  1. Can I Pet Your Dog

I first highlighted this Maximum Fun podcast in my Favourites post back in MarchLogo for the Can I Pet Your Dog Podcast

As you can tell, I am completely obsessed with both the podcast and their Facebook community. Ever since I joined the group, my Facebook feed has been flooded with the world’s most adorable dog photos, stories, and videos. Outside of my commute, this community offers another reprieve in my day.

Like Buy the Book, I recommend heading back in time to listen to CIPYD from episode one. Renee and Allegra are two absolutely hilarious hosts with an inspiring friendship. They share all their recent encounters with dogs, interview dog-lovers and abstainers alike, and share dog history and news.

You will be confused as to how you lived your life before this podcast, much like you’d be incapable of remembering life before you owned your dog.

  1. The Lavendaire Lifestyle

Aileen Xu is a Youtuber who makes videos on self-improvement and is also the author of the yearly Artist of Life Workbook.

As part of her positive brand meant to empower millennials to build their ideal lifestyle, she puts out an amazing podcast called The Lavendaire Lifestyle. Here, she either shares her thoughts and tips on a meaningful issue, or interviews someone with a unique perspective on how you can improve all aspects of your life.

Check out recent Episode 68 where Aileen discusses minimalist living with influencer Jenny Mustard.

  1. Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert

Currently on pause after Season Two, Liz Gilbert, the author of Eat Pray Love and epic novel The Signature of All Things, runs this podcast which is also part of Maximum Fun. 

Book cover for Elizabeth Gilbert's Big Magic which the podcast Magic Lessons is based on.

Here, she expands on the theme of her book Big Magic, in which she aims to help people reclaim their right to be creative in this critical world, and amidst their own fears.

Every episode features a guest fan who has blocks on their path to creative growth, 

whether they paint pictures, make music, tell jokes, or write novels. Liz mentors them on their issues, invites in a famous creative mind to share their wisdom, and follows up on the individuals’ progress after they’ve implemented some of the techniques.

There are truly meaningful stories on this podcast that are bound to resonate. You’ll also find infinite inspiration to get your creative juices flowing, perhaps in a direction you wouldn’t expect! Head back in time and listen to Magic Lessons from the beginning as well, because there are gems at every step of the way.

That’s it for my suggestions of five, positive podcasts that are sure to brighten any commute. What are your favourite podcast go-tos? Is there another way you add joy and meaning to these sorts of mind-numbing moments in the day?

Still finding yourself in a bad mood? Try these Five Easy Tips for Emotional Relief.

Stay brave folks!

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