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How to create a waitlist page for your course or program

July 4, 2021

Sending a big thank you to the junior copywriter on my team, Sarah Kaufmann, for repurposing my YouTube video on the how to create a waitlist page into this super handy blog post!

Are you releasing a course or program? Do you have spots open for the fall? Do you want people rolling in, even during your busy season? If you answered yes to any of those questions, your next step is to create a waitlist.

Waitlists are a fantastic way to generate interest, by letting people know they’ll be the first invited. Ideally, this builds excitement, sells a few spots early, or has people super warm and ready.

For an example, let’s take a look at my own current waitlist page for Copy Wisdom, The Brand Messaging Workshop Series.

Create your waitlist page as a landing page

There are a few ways you can do this: you can create a regular page, or add a page to your navigation bar. Alternatively, you could put it under your services tab, or have an announcement bar.

For mine, I created a landing page, which means it’s a special page on my website that doesn’t have any navigation. This makes it easier to give people the direct link. (If you’d like the link for this waitlist, click here.😉)

Regardless, having an easily accessible page is important. Attaching it to your services page helps because people navigating your website can easily find it.

Even if it’s a landing page, you’ll want it to be branded. Take mine, for example, visitors will recognize this is from Emma Givens Content & Copy – someone they know and trust. Plus, it looks professional!

How to create your waitlist - here's an example from Copy Wisdom!

Getting down to business

Now, for the actual written content. I started mine with: Creative entrepreneurs start here.

Since they’re my ideal clients for this program, I’m trying to grab their attention. Substitute this phrase to create your own waitlist; help them self-identify as your ideal people, using whatever descriptor you want. Another option is, Calling all creative entrepreneurs. Those are the simplest ways. 

(There are many ways to grab attention. If you haven’t already, you can watch this video to learn about piquing interest from the start).

Ask questions

Next, ask them questions they cannot say “yes” to (aka silent closes). They’re saying yes, I agree,  and that experience of, “This person gets me, they resonate. This probably means this is a fantastic fit for what I need help with.” That’s what the thought behind it is..

Here are my examples.
Ready to make a great living doing work you love? Yes.
Want to craft meaningful stories for copywriting that feels good? Yes, absolutely! (My ideal people will agree).
Excited to write and speak confidently for more clients you adore? Yes, I want more clients I adore.

Create your own questions! What do they want that your course/program offers? What can they say “yes” to?

Call to action

Just like any piece of copy, you need a call to action. Make those things they said ‘yes’ to their reality. Something like, join the waitlist for the best *insert thing your program offers*. Especially if you’re confident you can give real results… Use those big bold claims!

You don’t have to say the best, you could say the easiest, smartest, most personalized, whatever your unique selling point is, and what people desire.

Usually, it’s more time, money, energy, happiness, but let’s be more specific. Why will this give them more time or energy, and why will this also give them more happiness? What’s that biggest descriptor? What’s the program? What’s its purpose?

Repeat the program’s name

You could skip this, but repeating the course/program name is great. Another idea is adding be the first to know, because you want them to know they’re a priority. If it’s a limited experience, people on the waitlist have the best chance of getting in.


It’s okay if you don’t have an exact date yet. Something like Fall 2021, or simply the year is great. Specificity is important, so try as best as you can.

Filling out the formLearn how to create a waitlist for your course or program

Get them to add their first and last name and email address. If you need to vet people, you may also want their website address. For a waitlist, you only need the basics. Just enough to keep them up to date, build a relationship, and get them warm.

To top it off, add a Sign up today button. I love adding the word today, because it creates urgency, since there’s no point waiting, and it’s not high risk.

Once they hit the button, they’re in! Depending on your mail service, (I use MailChimp) it’s integrated with your landing page, so you know exactly who’s signed up.

So when it’s time to send that initial Spots are open! email, you already have that email list prepped.

Make it visual!

Compliment your copy with a high quality, professional picture that’s roughly the same size as your brand photos. Something that’ll show you’re relatable and confident. This’ll give the potential client a sample of the experience they’ll have with you; high quality, personal, whatever you’re going for.

And finally, include your contact pages

Put your website address somewhere on the page. Perhaps they came from somewhere else originally, or maybe they want to learn more about you and your work. In addition, add your social media pages, however, there’s the risk they’ll leave before finishing the form.

To prevent that from happening, you can:
1. Ensure any extensions open up a new tab/window, so it doesn’t take them away from the waitlist page.
2. Never put it at the top, or they’ll get distracted. 

And of course, link your email address for easy direct contact!

Don’t forget to thank them

Once they’ve filled out the form, create a thank-you page. Acknowledge they took that amazing first step.

Write something simple like: thank you, you’ll be the first to know.

If you have any, attach your freebies. It helps them to familiarize themselves with your work. And then for fun, you can sprinkle a branded piece; I used this cute little bicycle.

If they click on the freebies, you can choose to send them to your website’s free resources section, or directly to that freebie. It gives them another call to action.

You want them to warm up and explore your website, because the more they do, the more likely they are to buy from you. It might even expedite the process! If you have a bite-sized offer, that might encourage them because it’s a lower price. 

Conclusion on how to create your waitlist

Now you have the tools to create your own effective waitlist and thank-you page! 

If you’re interested in Copy Wisdom: the Brand Messaging Workshop Series, click here to sign up for the waitlist.

We’ll cover the foundations of brand messaging: how you speak to your people, your brand archetypes, and your core brand stories. The essential brand messaging components that all businesses have, but may not utilize.

It’ll make your life easier for your content marketing, podcast pitching, and knowing how to explain what you do to your audience. That’s why I came back to create a new and improved version.

Make sure to join the waitlist if it sounds perfect for you!

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