How to repurpose your blog posts for easy content!

April 14, 2021

Repurpose your blog post so it works harder for you!

Honestly, content repurposing is the system that saves me the most time in any given week. It’s how I manage to put out a blog post, a YouTube video, and about 5 social media posts every week with only about 2 hours total work. (One caveat – I do have a video editor because I hate editing, otherwise, I’d probably still be at 3 hours per week.)

Considering how key content is to getting visibility for your business and inviting in new leads, a few hours is WAY worth the return on investment!


You can make content easier for you too. Today, let’s start with some simple ways to repurpose your blog posts into social media posts, videos, and podcasts.

Repurpose Your Blog Posts for Social Media Post(s)

There’s lots of flexibility with this one!

OPTION 1: Reread your blog post, highlighting any interesting phrases/quotes from it. Then create an image with that quote, using an app like Quotes Creator or my favourite easy graphic design platform, Canva.

Now, you can share this quote graphic on Instagram (which is, of course, a visual platform) as well as using it to grab attention when posting on LinkedIn, Facebook, and even on Twitter. You can add a caption that explains a little bit more, or you can just put the quote again in the caption and keep your wording very, very short. In this case, a “picture” really is worth a thousand words!

Repurpose your blog posts as social media postsAnother advantage is that this is the kind of content that performs really well on social and gets re-shared a lot. Always though, make sure that you link in your caption (or in your bio, for Instagram) to your original blog post so you still get that web traffic!

This graphic can actually intrigue your social media audience enough to go read the blog post. Then, when they’re on your website, they see your paid offers, and they see the option to get on your email list.

Option Two is really simple. Take any images that you have in your blog post and their accompanying captions. Simply repost them to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter as individual posts! Unless the captions become nonsensical out of context, you can absolutely use them as at least the basis of a social post! (Again, just like in Option 1, link back to your original blog post to get the web traffic).

Option Three is one of my favourites. I love to identify segments of text from my blog posts, like a paragraph that could almost stand alone, and alter them slightly so they make sense outside the post.

I usually pick at least a couple of sentences, all the way up to two paragraphs of text. Then, I use that text as the body of a post on LinkedIn or Facebook. If you pick a relevant stock photo (and one that suits your brand), or grab an image from one of your business photoshoots, this text can now be used as the caption for an Instagram post too!

Most blog posts of average size (about 1000 words) can be “ripped apart” with any combo of these 3 options or otherwise altered to become many different posts on social – at least a few “educational” posts for the week.

Repurpose Your Blog Posts for Newsletter(s)

You can stretch your blog posts even further. One really easy way is a newsletter!

Depending on your style, a blog post could be the whole body of your newsletter.

I’d recommend, however, that you make it the beginning of the newsletter, and then you can write “click here to keep reading” with a hyperlink that sends them back to the original blog post on your website. (There’s that beautiful web traffic again!)

If you update your blog on a weekly basis, then a weekly newsletter based on that newest blog post could be a really good fit. Even if you just write a monthly blog post, if you have a monthly newsletter (or if you just pick once a month to make your newsletter connected to your blog) that’s also a great fit.

Turning a blog post into a newsletter makes it so easy to maintain a connection with the potential clients on your email list, warm them up, and get more eyes on your website.

Repurpose Your Blog Posts for Videos and Podcasts

Another way I personally love to repurpose my blog posts is by using each as the loose script for my latest YouTube video. (An added bonus is that once I have the matching video created, I can embed it in the blog post so my website performs better from an SEO perspective).

Since I start with my blog posts first – at least, most of the time – I end up using the blog post as a structure for my talking points on the topic. Then, you can also separate the audio from the video and turn that audio into a podcast!

You just have to be willing to do a little bit of editing or “postproduction” – but you’d be doing that anyway when recording a podcast or video! And this way, you spend so much less time on either type of content (no new research, no double recording). And you’re likely to do less editing than if you just spoke “off the cuff.” This way, you’ll actually have something guiding you, even if you don’t read it word-for-word.

Repurpose Your Blog Posts for Books

I know people who have self-published larger books like memoirs, and used blog posts to form the foundation of a whole chapter! They may have altered it so it would fit, but the amount of revision can actually be minimal. Keep this in mind for a future ebook (whether free or paid) that’ll build your expert credibility as well.

Content that does the hard work for you

There are so many ways to stretch a blog post further than you may be at the moment whether it’s on social media, in newsletters, for videos, podcasts, ebooks, etc.

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