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Human Towers: Our Collective Fight Against COVID-19

March 27, 2020

A Catalan human tower made up people standing on each other's shoulderrs

I think Catalonia’s human towers serve as a good metaphor for the war we’re fighting as a species right now. The best way to beat COVID-19 with the lowest possible mortality rate is by working together. We’re individual soldiers in a larger human army. Standing together – in social isolation – against an unfeeling virus that could take anyone of us down.

Each of us is like a Casteller – a person who participates in human towers – working hard and leveraging what strength and stability we have to protect the people depending on us. And we can’t keep our strength without the person before us – the person who’s self-isolation has stifled the spread of disease. By working all together, for each other, we create a massive cooperative force – to help us all remain standing tall.

However long it takes, however much discomfort and however many losses we can’t avoid despite our healthcare systems’ best efforts, we can’t give up in this fight. We’re being called to a larger purpose right now to help each other *and* ourselves. If we see ourselves as part of this compassionate, human force, we can even come through this feeling more connected than ever before to the people around us who’ve protected us too.

In several months, we *will* have more effective treatments and vaccines to beat this thing. Until then, it’s our responsibility to stand on each other’s shoulders and provide the next person in our chain the most stability and the best chances we can at staying standing.

Do your part in building strong human towers. That means:

  • Social distancing by all but those in essential services
  • Self-isolation for possible carriers
  • Self-quarantine for those infected
  • Support of any kind for those on the frontlines or in vulnerable situations right now.

Every single one of us has the power to play our part in human towers across the world. Let’s build an amazing fighting force together.

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Emma Givens

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