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Learn a Language Online

November 23, 2018


Why learn a language online?

If you’re romanced by the idea of speaking another language, you’ll never give up that dream, no matter how many struggles cross your path. Chances are you’re surrounded by your native language at every twist and turn, in your real life and even in business. That’s why I strongly recommend that you learn a language online. Or at least, consider the online world to be your main resource!

What’s so special about the online world?

Even restrained by your geographical context, the internet can create a virtual environment for you to explore. Most of the time the internet’s ability to substitute real life comes with a negative spin, but with the intention of learning a language it is one of the blessings of our modern world.

The purpose of the internet should be to facilitate real connections, and languages not only open up your understanding of other cultures but also give you the skills and the platform to talk to those same people from the other side of the world!

Here are some ideas for creating a virtual world using your target language:Intrepid Emma Instagram Screenshot

  • Find an online language teacher, informal tutor, or exchange partner using a website like italki
  • Watch TV shows with subtitles in your target language and/or with the audio of your target language (even Netflix Originals include subtitles and dubs in multiple languages!)
  • Change your social media website settings so your Facebook etc. is all in your target language
  • Build up your vocabulary by playing online games like Duolingo or
  • Search for Youtube channels that cover content you’re interested in while talking in your target language
  • Follow social media influencers who speak your target language
  • Read language learning blogs to learn more about study techniques

Final Tips

Remember – you can combine learning a language online with in-class or book study as well. In fact, the most holistic approach to learning a language is to live as much as your regular life as possible in that second language, which extends through your daily life. That’s why immersion works so well – but it’s simply not realistic for all of us to move abroad!

Do you have any tips on how to learn a language online? Be sure to share with me in the comments below.

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