Media Appearances

Brand Archetypes media appearance on the Uncommon Couch podcast

The Uncommon Couch

Brand Archetypes and Authentic Copy with Emma

“Do you want to start writing more authentic copy that lights up your ideal client and draws them to you?

What you’ll find in this episode with Emma Givens:

  • How Emma got into copywriting and content marketing – What copywriting, brand storytelling and content marketing is
  • Why you want to build authentic relationships
  • How copywriting helps you as a business owner
  • What brand archetypes are
  • How you can use your archetype to attract your ideal client”

Kiss My Aesthetic Podcast

Episode 44: Caption Copy with Emma Givens  

“Emma Givens is the Copy Queen! Today she talks about captions for social media and benefits to knowing your brand archetypes.

We also talked about the differences between copy and content copy, the bigger mistakes that people make with social media writing, evergreen content, how to avoid cushion words, different CTAs for your non-sales posts, and last but not least, tips on how someone can best prepare when enlisting a copywriter’s help.”

Kiss My Aesthetic Podcast

Episode 29: Writing Better Brand Copy with Emma Givens  

“Michelle and Emma talked about the difference between copy and content writing, what types of copywriters are out there, and how to work with one.

They also go through the brand voice and foundational statements that set up a business for success from a copywriter standpoint. Finally, they cover the warning signs that Emma sees when a person definitely needs copywriting help, and what phrases are way overused!”


MOFO Writer of the Month

Feature on Intrepid Emma by Jacqueline Fisch 

“If you’re passionate about your work and want your business to affect more people and bring meaning to the world, then you’re going to want to hear what Emma has to say.

Pour yourself a second (or third) hot cup of coffee and get to know Emma. 

Emma is a content marketer and writing coach for entrepreneurs. She does the writing for them or helps them make theirs better…”

Intrepid Emma offers this signature, fast-acting website copy audit

MKW Creative Co. Interview

Design Live on Copywriting and Content Marketing  

Q: How do you know what your brand voice is if you’re just starting out?

A: Whether you’re a solopreneur or leader of a startup team, the founder of a business is always the core. That means your brand voice needs to reflect who you are, even if you’re hiring someone else to do the writing for you. A good copywriter will take you through brand archetype and storytelling exercises, and figure out what elements of your conversational manner of speaking are defining/relevant to your brand voice…”

Pretty Sure We Can Do Better Podcast

Episode 19 Interview:

Be Brave and Act on Your Intuition, Even If It Means Going against the “Expected” Path

“In this episode, Emma shares her strategies to get better at tuning in to what you really want in your life and being brave to take action if what you want goes against what we have always been taught as the correct path one should take.

She shares her journey of starting her business. And she also shares tips on getting started in copywriting if that is something that might interest you!!”

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