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I Adopted a Baby Orangutan

I adopted a baby orangutan. Let me explain. During Canada’s social isolation measures for COVID-19, I’ve found comfort and peace in previously recorded animal shows. I love veterinary, zoo, and nature documentaries. My newest find is Orangutan Jungle School. So far, there are two seasons of this heartwarming program (I caught it in Season 2 […]

My Journey Home: From Spain to Canada during COVID-19

In February 2020, I moved to Valencia, a beautiful coastal city on the Mediterranean coast of Spain. I meant to spend 3 months experimenting with this final place in Spain that I could actually see myself calling home. They’d be 3 months of total freedom. But less than 3 weeks later, that freedom turned into […]

Human Towers: Our Collective Fight Against COVID-19

I think Catalonia’s human towers serve as a good metaphor for the war we’re fighting as a species right now. The best way to beat COVID-19 with the lowest possible mortality rate is by working together. We’re individual soldiers in a larger human army. Standing together – in social isolation – against an unfeeling virus […]