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You have a message to share with the world and you want to serve more of the people who need you. 

While you’ve gotten referrals in the past, you also need new (ideal) clients to find you online, so you have a constant stream of business coming in.

You’ve heard that you need a content strategy to get visibility, grow your audience, and make more sales. But no one tells you the details of how to do it – much less how to do it in a way that feels authentic!

Instead, you’re constantly playing catch up with your social media and staring at a blank page when updating your website.

You’re done with the overwhelm of DIYit’s time to connect with an expert partner who understands you and cares that your ideal clients connect with you too.

You deserve content marketing that feels easy and authentic: it’s the key to growing your business online and reaching more of the people who need you.


Intrepid Emma, content marketing services

Hi! I’m Emma Givens

The overwhelm is over — my team and I are those committed partners you’ll love.

I’m a brand messaging strategist, content marketer, and copywriting coach for business owners who need help with marketing and copywriting.

My team and I are here to strategize with you and help you make your writing better whether it’s for your website, blog posts, video scripts, newsletters, social media captions and more.

I traded in over 10 years of corporate comforts to bring the power of brand messaging and content marketing to entrepreneurs like you.

Who I work with/take out for coffee:

My clients are entrepreneurs who want to make a good living doing the work they love most.

These purpose-driven people are often coaches, speakers, coaches, jewellery makers, photographers, podcasters, professional bloggers, and more.

If you feel drawn to work together, I take that as the most important sign that we’re a match!

Ready to see what your business looks like after working with my team?


  • Your business is gaining life online. Your audience and email list is growing because your ideal prospects see you, love you, and trust you through your blog, social, and newsletter.

  • Clients find you right when they need you because you confidently share your message online.

  • You have a growing expert image that positions you to share your message with the world through podcasts, ebooks, magazine articles, speaking gigs, and more.

  • Financial success is rolling in because your blog brings in ideal prospects 24/7 and your newsletter warms them up so you can simply “open the doors” to new clients – all on your ideal schedule.

Sound like the business model of your dreams?

You can say “yes” to it right now.

Brand Messaging & Coaching Services:

Your Website Copy Audit


The fastest way to increase your web traffic, email list, and client conversions – all while connecting authentically with the people you’re meant to serve.

Sit back and relax:

1. We’ll do a comprehensive audit of your website’s writing and blog posts.

2. Then we’ll meet live on Zoom to review your 3-Step Action Plan so you can implement the biggest game-changers to your website and get clients streaming in.

Investment: $297

VIP Messaging & Marketing Day


Knock out your brand messaging and quarterly content plan in a single day.

You’ll walk away with:

  • A bespoke brand voice guide so you can confidently talk about the work you do in a way that resonates emotionally,
  • Your core brand stories so it’s easy to write emotionally compelling content across platforms
  • A custom content marketing plan for next quarter so everything is in place to sell out your upcoming launches.

Connect more powerfully than ever before to the clients out there waiting for you. It’s strategic marketing for your growing business which is how you’ll grow your audience, warm up future clients, and draw in sales faster than ever before.

Investment: $2500

Monthly Writing Coaching

 *Complete your VIP Day first!*

The sure-fire way to implement your new messaging & marketing plan. Get an accountability coach and content writing consultant!

You’ll receive:

  • A monthly 1:1 coaching session to ensure you head into the month strategically and set up to hit all your milestones for success.
  • Revision of up to 4000 words of web copy or content writing for your business (like newsletters, blog posts, podcast scripts, etc.) per month. Create a consistent body of work that builds trust with future clients.
  • Concrete tips and templates to make each webpage and blog post easier to write, emotionally impactful, and SEO-friendly to help you get seen by more of your ideal clients!

Investment: $600/month with a 3-month minimum commitment (length of an effective content marketing cycle).

Not sure which support is best for you?

Let’s chat. Book a complimentary discovery call here and we’ll help you find the right fit.

Client Love

“Emma helped us gain clarity on who we are, what our big purpose is, what we want to say, and who we should be talking to. She helped us launch our website and develop copy for it that we are extremely proud of. I’m thankful from the bottom of my heart!”

Lisa Bean

Co-Founder of Empowered 4 Growth, www.empowered4growth.com

As my business expands and changes shape, I wanted to create brand messaging that’s clear and resonates with my expanding audience. It was so fascinating to take a deep dive into the psychology during our VIP Day. I can’t wait to continue working with Emma long-term!”

Dr. Alyssa Adams

Psychologist turned Intuitive Business Coach, https://www.dralyssaadams.com/

“Emma’s copy edits and revisions are clear, quick and powerful. She helps me say what I mean in a way that connects with my reader. I was able to create a polished opt-in piece as a result of our work together – I highly recommend her!”

Olive Amoh

Occupational Therapist & Coach, https://igniteyourbrilliance.co.uk/

“Emma has shown me what it looks like to work with someone who just gets you right off the bat and dives into your persona so effectively. I’m able to clearly see a vision of who my ideal client is moving forward and how to speak to them. I also am on track for a timely course launch with scripts that I’m so incredibly proud of and excited to shoot! I’m so blessed to have met Emma and to work alongside her.”

Maddison Kerpsack

Influencer Manager, MTK Management, https://www.instagram.com/maddikerpy/

“Emma has been immensely impactful to my overall website and ability to launch faster. She helps make what you’ve already done a better (much better) version of itself. I highly recommend Emma – she’s an absolute expert in content marketing!”

Polina Wilson

Career Coach and HR Expert for Businesses, http://polinawilson.com/about/

“We’re so impressed with the amount of planning and preparation Emma does for our writing coaching sessions. Not to mention all the brainstorming that goes into it all together. We feel so grateful she came into our lives right when we needed her.”

Melanie Burston

Co-Founder of Empowered 4 Growth, http://empowered4growth.com/

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