Why I’m a Writing Coach

May 4, 2020
My heart’s swelled 3 sizes since I became a writing coach for women creating business blogs and personal memoirs. It  fills and expands every time a new client (read: friend) connects with me, whether she’s experienced but feeling blocked, or overwhelmed as she starts writing for the first time. I love helping her create a piece of writing she’s proud of so she can finally sleep soundly at night. I swear, one day, you’ll see the outline of my heart pressing through my chest because it’s filling up with so much love and fulfillment.
Intrepid Emma writing

So why does writing coaching mean so much to me, and in turn, to my clients?

Writing is a vulnerable experience. It’s an exercise in both speaking your mind and taking up space in the world. Whether you’re writing blog content for business, or creating personal essays hoping to publish someday, you’re showing up, demanding to be acknowledged and using your voice. You are what makes your writing valuable and unique. The more of you that’s expressed, the better your writing, and the better you serve the world.

A good writing coach encourages you to explore your voice and deepest truths. And simultaneously, they create a safe space for you to do so. 

We transform the quiet air and page between us. It becomes a training ground for you to test out telling your truth, being seen, and sharing your experiences. I’m here to support you and give constructive feedback that helps you circle closer, with each piece you write, to expressing your truth authentically. Critically, at the same time, I’m tactful and kind. That’s how you gather all the evidence you need to know that you’ll survive telling the truth. You may even feel a catharsis or a release of pent up fear and negativity.

With every coaching session, your heart will feel safer, and you’ll develop the courage to share your story more publicly.

Of course, as a writing coach, especially in my Start-Your-Blog Coaching program, I also teach structure, grammar, storytelling techniques, and methods for consistency and streamlining content production. And these topics really help the women I serve. But the experience that really sticks with them – transforms them – is the experience of safely sharing their voice and ideas in the written, tangible form, often for the first time. It’s my honour to stand at their side.

Is this the approach to writing you’ve been waiting for? Then I’d love to support you. Spots are open for BOTH of my signature online programs. Start-Your-Blog Coaching and Writing Coaching (great for aspiring memoirists.) 👉 Easily apply by clicking the links or sending me an email at info@intrepidemma.com.
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About the Author

Emma Givens

Emma Givens is the Founder and CEO of EG: Content & Copy. She’s a brand messaging strategist, copywriter and writing coach with 10+ years of experience. She specializes in serving premium SMBs (Small and Medium-sized Businesses).



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