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Why You Don’t Feel like Writing

August 18, 2020

You don’t feel like writing – but as an online business owner, writing is a big part of what you do! Whether you’re posting on social media, crafting your latest blog post, updating that sales page, or hitting send on an email, your day is full of writing.


There are 2 camps here:

1. Business owners who simply don’t like writing and can’t help but feel that it drains them of their energy to do the work they love.

Of course, they may know that authentic content (that ranks in SEO) is the key to attracting new leads and nurturing client relationships. They just can’t help that they don’t enjoy writing it! It’s not their “thing.”


2. Business owners who like writing because it’s an amazing way to share their message with the world in addition to its practical benefits. However, they’re feeling stuck in some way. Either they’re drained of their creative juices (if that’ all it is – check out this article or my freebies for immediate help!) or they’re suffering from a bigger blockage.

Let’s dive into the main solutions for each camp.


Intrepid Emma creates copy for you when you don't feel like writing!
I’ll create copy for you when you don’t feel like writing!

Camp #1 – “I don’t feel like writing because I don’t LIKE writing.”

If your resistance to writing prevents you from crafting an epic sales page, blog posts that get eyes on your business, or an email nurture sequence, I PROMISE you that the best investment you can make is an incredible copy or content writer. For that one-off, key project, they’ll immediately lift the weight from off your shoulders and get you results quickly and easily!

If you build a strong relationship with your copywriter, they’ll get to know your niche and brand voice so well that they can consistently ghost write for you in a way that feels good for you and your ideal clients. They’ll also get you awesome results in terms of lead generation and client conversion. This is a very worthwhile investment – just ask Kelly Ruth, whose web content I updated!

“I really LOVE the copy for the site! Emma has really helped me hone in on my brand’s voice. She has helped me organize it and make it feel more cohesive. She is responsive and thorough. She is a dream to work with!”

Even if you can’t hire a copywriter on a consistent basis, such as for weekly blog and newsletter content (keep in mind that weekly blog posts will get you better results!) you can still afford the initial investment to get your critical pages up. After all, a killer website with excellent SEO and a high-converting sales page is what’s going to make your investment back many times over!


Camp #2 – “I don’t feel like writing (even though I usually do) because I’m creatively blocked.”

First of all, I need to tell you: you’re completely normal. I do believe in writer’s block – after all, I’m a prolific writer who loves her work, and I still experience it myself at times! Sure, some writers may not suffer from it, but that’s because no two people are exactly the same.

Now, while it may be very real, I don’t believe that writer’s block has to control you or that you’re constantly at its mercy.

Based on my experience as a writing coach, these are the 3 common causes of writer’s block. Do any of these apply to you? (Pro tip: It can be more than one!)


  • Fear

Fear is a common reason why you don't feel like writingQuestion for you: When you get writer’s block, do you feel a bit incompetent? A bit like a faker? Or even like a failure?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions – even in a quiet, internal voice – chances are it’s those kinds of perceived stakes that are causing the blockage in the first place. Those stakes aren’t fair because perfection isn’t human.

So, if that’s the standard you’re holding yourself to, of course you’re terrified! And you know what? It’s okay to be afraid. It’s okay to recognize anxiety in yourself or imposter syndrome. The key is not to overidentify with them. You don’t have to be perfect – no one else is holding you to those impossible standards! I promise that any reasonable person, especially if they respect you, will never go looking for your failures and imperfections. Your true audience isn’t nitpicking your mistakes. Trust that as long as you show up to the page with a positive intention, integrity, the desire to self-express honestly or to serve, you are perfectly alright.

It’s okay to feel the fear – then write anyway. It’s not in the driver’s seat – and writing through it will boost your self-esteem and diminish that anxious little voice that ever dared to call you a fake.


  • Exhaustion/Burn outBurn out is a common reason for writer's block

This is the cause of writer’s block I’m most prone to personally. Why? Well, as a fulltime business owner (like you!) who’s passionate, loves her clients, and wants to keep growing, sometimes I work without enough time off!

Sound familiar? It’s usually because we love our jobs and get caught up in the flow. Or maybe you’re in your first year of business and working long hours to get it off the ground. Or perhaps you’ve hit a rough spot and you’re trying to bring your business back out of it.

As business owners, we approach our work with high energy, and any time we overuse that energy without replenishing it (especially for us introverts!) we’re prone to exhaustion. In severe cases, it can even reach recognizable burn out. Of course, the best method of handling this is to learn from it, recognize our cues to rest and restore, and prevent it going forwards. But to bounce back, I truly believe we need to focus on our basic needs, and other than that, allow ourselves some time and space from the writing! No pressure.

You are a writer. It’s a part of who you are. Creative energy will come back to you – when your physical energy does too.


  • Lack of direction/Not knowing where to start

Copy coaching is a great way to consistently bust writer's block!You’re not alone if you’re confused about writing a sales page, or how to put SEO in your blog post, or how to write a podcast pitch. These are new to most online business owners! That’s where a writing coach specific to online entrepreneurs comes in to support you.

When you work with me, you’ll get templates, 1:1 live coaching (if needed), and detailed revisions and copy edits – all so you can gain confidence in writing, get more visibility on your message, grow your email list, and serve more clients. Regardless of what kind of writing you need in your business or the level of support, I’m here to help. Book your free, no-obligation discovery call here!

Next blog post I’ll go into some easy, tangible ways to break writer’s block and get you feeling good about creating again. I promise it’s in your cards! You may just need a tip or two along the way.

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