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Why you should repurpose content!

April 7, 2021

Repurpose content to save you time, money, and effort!

Sound good? It’s about to get even better.

Does writing a single blog post take upwards of two, three, or even four hours?

Are you overwhelmed by the idea of adding yet another content medium to your list?

Repurposing will save you so much grief!


Another way to tell if repurposing is a good solution for you is to see if you resonate with any of the 4 following sentences:

  1. I hate working so many hours just to feel like I’m catching up with my business.
  2. I want to spend my evenings with family instead of working.
  3. I’m always trading time for money, sometimes not even enough money for the effort.
  4. I need a website/social account/podcast/YouTube channel that speaks and sells for me while I sleep.

If any one of those sentences resonates, then repurposing is your key!

Repurpose content to save you time each month!

So, what does it mean to “repurpose content?”  

Repurposing, at least the way I define it, means creating many pieces of content for multiple mediums out of your piece of hero content. Let me explain.

Hero content is the type of content you like making the best. For me, I like blog posts and find them easier to write than alternatives like recording a podcast. Then, you take your hero piece of content and transform it (in part or whole) into other types of content. So, for example, I could transform a blog post into multiple social media posts, and use it as a video script.


Benefits of repurposing content

There are three really big benefits when you repurpose content.


1. Make Your Content Work Harder for You

The biggest (and simplest) benefit to repurposing content on a consistent basis is that your content is going to do the hard work for you!

Repurpose content so you can spend more time with loved ones!If you pick one hero medium, and then turn it into other types of content, you’ll save time on research, structure, and brainstorming. You’ll have a clear topic to guide you for the week or the month, depending on your schedule. You work hard once to provide thoughtful value to your audience, and it keeps working for you, day and night, across additional platforms, to boost your business’ reach and visibility.


2. Your Expert Presence

The first is that you position yourself as an expert online. This is important for every small business owner, even if you have a brick-and-mortar business.

Let’s say that you’re a local florist. It’s very possible that some people in your neighbourhood don’t know you exist because they’ve never crossed in front of your flower shop. Maybe they take a different route to come home, and they don’t have a dog that gets them out to explore the area. It’s such a shame for both you and them that they don’t realize there’s an such an amazing florist nearby!

So, what do most do when they need a florist) or any other answer, for that matter)? They Google it. “Flowershop Toronto” is a good example phrase.  If you’re consistent about posting SEO-friendly blog content, you’ll show up on the first page. If you’ve optimized your presence on bigger platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Google My Business, etc., they’ll also show up on the first page of Google results.

It’s important that you have a meaningful online presence to appear on Google, or on any other platform your ideal client will go looking for you (or someone like you) online.


3. Your Credibility

When you repurpose content frequently across platforms, you establish more trust and credibility as an expert.

Let’s say someone has been following you on Instagram for a while, but they weren’t yet ready to take you up on your services. For example, one of the things I offer is a Website Copy Audit. Once in a while, I’ll mention it directly.

But I’m also providing value before my future clients are ready, and warm them up to me, by sharing fantastic tips around copywriting for free on Instagram, YouTube, and my blog. They’ll stay engaged with me and I’ll stay top of mind for the moment they’re ready to take me up on my Website Copy Audit. Maybe I put out a post that day and they remember, “hey, Emma can help me with this!” Or I may not even need to trigger it, and they just remember me when they think of an expert or service provider in that area. Since I’ve built trust with them and shown them value, when they’re ready, they’ll come to me.

By repurposing content so you can be many places at once, consistently, and without much extra effort on your part, you’ll benefit tenfold by building an expert image in people’s minds.

Click here to learn more about how to write that original hero piece of content and create a content marketing plan that works for you!


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