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I work with purpose-driven women (like you) who have a story inside them, waiting to be told. The problem is that you freeze up when you try to write because you’re afraid of what people will think, or fear that maybe you’re not a writer after all.


Together, we’ll create a safe space for you to explore the stories on your heart. Writing Coaching will teach you to face your inner critic, create a consistent writing practice, and tell stories with skill so that you feel proud of your work.

  • Is there a story burning inside of you, begging to be told?
  • Are you worried about what people will think if they read it?
  • Frustrated that no one understands what you’re really trying to say?
  • Do you hardly sit down to write because you’re afraid you won’t use the ‘right’ words?
  • Have you lost control over how you spend your free time, always feeling that household needs are more urgent and that you’ll get to writing eventually?
  • Or kept silent one too many times because you feel like no one hears or respects you?
  • Underneath it all, are you scared you’ll die without having made a difference in the world?

Your story does matter. But until you start believing it and writing it down, you’re going to stay stuck in fear and never get a word on the page.


Imagine how empowered you’ll be when you stop feeling afraid that your opinion and words aren’t “right” and start showing up as your authentic self instead,  sharing a story that connects and makes an impact on the world. There’s a community of supporters out there, like me, who’re eager and waiting to hear you. 

As a result of Writing Coaching, you will:


  • Let out the story that keeps you awake at night so you can move on from your past and into the future. 
  • Free yourself from your inner critic so you can show up creatively and stand up for yourself in the world.
  • Write with skill and feeling so that you engage readers and leave them wanting more
  • Sleep peacefully at night, feeling fulfilled because you’ve created something that really matters.
  • Breathe a sigh of relief because your experience and story are validated by a supportive coach who really cares about your journey


And if you want, we can even prepare you to:


  • Create a blog so you can build an audience and get your message out there. And that way if you ever decide to publish, the selling’s already halfway done!
  • Get invited onto blogs and podcasts so you can reach more people and spread your story’s message
  • Self-publish or submit proposals for agents or publication in magazines, on blogs, or as a traditional book

You’re a passionate, empathic woman who’s come through hell and high water to be here today. At this point in your life, that story is on your heart, begging to be told and maybe even shared with other people who are desperate to feel less alone as they go through the same things.


You need to tell your story and feel seen and heard.


That’s the exact reason I created this one-on-one Writing Coaching program. It’ll give you the skills and support to go from the fear that your voice doesn’t matter, to getting behind the steering wheel of your life, knowing your experience is valid, and writing a story that brings you peace and adds meaning to the world.

Meet your writing coach:

Hey, I’m Intrepid Emma!


I’ve been a professional content writer since 2015. Today, I still write for some online platforms, but I dedicate most of my days to coaching women who are aspiring writers like you. 


My signature coaching program is designed with an evidence-based approach to habit change and smashing limiting beliefs, as well as a proven methodology for you to achieve your writing goals. I graduated with High Distinction from the University of Toronto, the “Harvard of the North'' and maintain multiple certifications in eLearning and Adult Learning. 

Photo of Intrepid Emma

Here are just a few of my writing and coaching experiences:


  • Blog ghostwriting
  • Email series for a major, nationwide company
  • Ebooks and opt-in downloads
  • Resumes and cover letters
  • Educational course content and evaluation forms
  • Location descriptions for a company with over 40 sites across Canada
  • Website copy coaching (from scratch)
  • Blog startup and growth coaching
  • Memoir writing coaching


Writing Coaching includes:


  • Weekly 1-on-1 coaching with science-backed exercises to powerfully rewrite the script that’s been holding you back, feel strong in your voice, commit to your project, and remove the blocks to write you


Starting in Month Two:


  • Weekly 1-on-1 coaching calls so that you consistently write and stay on your project timeline, and continue learning new writing tools that allow you to write the story that makes you proud.
  • Personalized feedback outside of calls on up to 2000 words of writing per week. This will ensure you make rapid progress on your writing project and get the validation you need to know you’re on the right track.
  • Unlimited support so that you get answers when you need them and the compassion that’ll help you bust through writer’s block. That means you can move on from the fears that are holding you back and into the bigger life that you deserve.


In your Final month:


  • Weekly 1-on-1 lessons on revising your project, self-publishing or submitting proposals, building an online audience online, and standing strong in your voice in the future. You’ll feel immense fulfillment as you hold your finished writing project in your hands and stand with confidence in where your journey’s headed next.

What makes Writing Coaching so unique is that I only take on six writing coaching clients at a time which means I'm 100% devoted to your journey and the stories you write.


Investment: $899 USD per month

Minimum 3 month commitment - we can chat about the scope of your project and whether it’ll need more time.


Your next step to sharing the story on your heart starts right here.

Here’s how to apply:


Step 1: Fill out the application here.


Step 2: I’ll be in touch within 1-2 days (often sooner) so we can discuss fit.


Step 3: You’ll get a pretty Welcome Guide with instructions on how to book your first 1-on-1 coaching call with me. 



Now’s the time to write your story.

Your story’s never been so ready - and your heart’s never been so safe.


Have questions? Send me an email at info@intrepidemma.com. I’ll be happy to chat.

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