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You’re passionate about what you do. You want your business to affect more people and bring meaning to the world.


But with limited time and resources, reaching people online has become more and more difficult.

Referrals are drying up.

Your website copy is working against you, not for you.

You have a lot to say, but your social media, podcast or YouTube content goes unnoticed.

You know your business makes a difference, but it can sometimes feel like it’s become invisible to the clients who need you.

You don’t have to chase the latest trends or become “salesy” just to get your message out. No one should be overlooked and drowned out just because they’re not the loudest person in the room.

You’re tired of wasting hours on social media tactics that only lead to dead ends.

You feel anxious about creating meaningful content that stays true to who you are – and attracts clients who need you.

But when you try to come up with a content plan that’s unique and authentic, it feels like an overwhelming task: so you get paralyzed and never even start.

It doesn’t have to be this way.


You deserve copywriting that’s true to your authentic voice, and marketing that feels good.

You need to stand out to the people your business is meant to serve. 



The key is to create branded copywriting with soul.

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Hi, I’m Emma Givens, brand messaging strategist, content marketer and writing coach for entrepreneurs.

I traded in 10 years of corporate comforts to bring the power of brand messaging to the small business owners that need it most. Entrepreneurs that make a difference in the lives of their clients – entrepreneurs just like you.

My mission is to help your business stand out online so you can make a living doing the work you love most. The way I know best is to help you embrace the power of your message. And I love every minute of it.

It’s a joy to partner with passionate entrepreneurs to grow their audience, establish their expert image, and connect with more clients through better content marketing strategy.

My clients include creators, coaches, and consultants dedicated to helping others feel their best, but struggle to leverage content and share their business in a way that draws people in.

What is brand messaging?

Brand messaging refers to 1) the promise you make to your clients, and 2) the language you use to convey it.

Strategic messaging combines your unique personality and manner of speaking with those of your clients so you can meet in the middle and speak to them in a way they truly understand.

Strong brand messaging is the foundation of a successful business designed to stand the test of time. It sets you apart in a sea of online businesses, creates confidence so you know exactly how to talk about who you help and how you help them, and makes marketing easy and effective because it starts from your heart.



What is content marketing?

Content marketing is all about using your brand messaging and leading with free value (information, inspiration, etc.) to 1) attract your ideal clients to you on the web, and 2) nurture them so they’re ready to buy.

Create content from the heart; choose the content marketing approach that feels good and suits you best. Social media captions, blog posts, newsletters, podcast scripts, video scripts – and more!

You’ll establish your expertise, attract a more engaged audience, and warm them to you through SEO-friendly, high-quality content that showcases the best of your brand.

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