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Brand Messaging Bible

The holy grail of marketing and sales for your business, a bespoke Brand Messaging Bible saves you money, makes you money, and serves as a foundation for all aspects of your business. You’ll reap the rewards right away and for years to come.

Does this sound like you?

Your account manager or customer service reps struggle to write emails and speak to clients in alignment with your brand voice—and you know it’s costing you sales and customer loyalty. You may have even needed to do some damage control.

From copywriters to social media managers, the creatives you hire are struggling to write website and email copy, blog content, and social media captions that sound like you and make you proud to share.

Instead, you end up wasting time and money rewriting their work or investing months in training them one-on-one.

Not knowing how to position your offer or what to say to make sales has cost you money on a launch. You might’ve even had to delay an important offer because the sales copy and marketing promo wasn’t ready on time. That’s an expensive opportunity cost too.

And the website copy that you spent forever writing (or unexpectedly rewriting) isn’t growing your email list, making sales, or booking calls. You know something’s off, and it’s not resonating with your ideal customers. But what?

Brand messaging, good or bad, will make or break your business. It shows up everywhere, from marketing campaigns and sales calls to visual branding and customer service. Confusing messaging that’s hard for you to pin down, not to mention your team, and convey in a way that resonates with customers can sink an otherwise promising business.

The good news is that a masterful brand messaging guide, crafted from a mix of your founders’ values and stories, client psychology, and market research, power packs all of these areas. Marketing, sales, visuals, team growth, customer service… they’re all impacted in ways that boost confidence and drive profit.

You'll see the difference in your bottom line.

See the future with your little black book of business—your Brand Messaging Bible:

  • Know exactly what to say to potential customers that’ll make a sale or book a call
  • Draw from a bank of stories and unique positioning to pitch bigger clients, investors and the media
  • Hand a copy of the Brand Messaging Bible to your newest team members and subcontractors for quick onboarding so everyone is on the same page—fast
  • Give anyone writing website copy, ads, and marketing campaigns access to the one holy grail resource to recreate your brand voice and implement right the first time—on schedule
  • Create loyal customers with a brand experience and customer service that they can rely on and brings them back for more
  • See more sales and raise prices so you can grow your business, reward your team, and bring home a bigger profit for you too

Meet Your

Brand Messaging Expert

I’m Emma, the founder of EG: Content & Copy, a branded copywriting boutique based in Toronto. No matter where you are in the world, I’ll personally work with you to craft your bespoke Brand Messaging Bible.

3 years ago, I traded in almost a decade of corporate comforts to serve premium businesses just like yours. Our signature WISDOM Framework for brand messaging marries my expertise and training in copywriting, voice work, archetypes, marketing strategy, and adult learning.

I’m extremely proud that our Brand Messaging Bibles are unmatched and sought after by small and medium-sized businesses on an international scale. It’ll be an honour to personally support your business too!

“If you’re finding it difficult to identify how to connect with your audience with a consistent voice and brand, Emma is your go-to! Not only will copywriting feel easier, more importantly, Emma ensures your efforts align with who YOU are!”

– Vanessa Turner, Bermudan Fine Artist & Coach for Artists


Step 1

Your Brand Messaging Bible starts out with a live, VIP experience with Emma. It’s critically important that we develop rapport.

During this one-on-one experience, Emma will personally go through the first 5 steps of our signature WISDOM Framework with you.

The result is a deep understanding of your offers, brand personality, and ideal clients, so we’re empowered to craft a differentiated marketing and sales message for your business.

"The WISDOM Framework"

Hover over each letter below to learn more


We get to know the state of your business in depth, the customer awareness level of your ideal customers, and differentiating factors from your competitors.


Together, we’ll dive into the unique psychological profile of your customers, your brand archetype mix (used by Fortune 500 companies) to stand out in saturated markets, and create a one-of-kind brand voice that marries the two.


The values of your business and customers will be contrasted with the “villains” or dissatisfactions in their day-to-day lives for copywriting that’s compassionate and resonates on an emotional level.


We’ll create your classic messaging essentials like your Internal Mission, Vision statement, Brand Promises, and more.

Origin And Customer Success Stories

Using storytelling frameworks like the Hero’s Journey, we’ll humanize your brand’s origin story and create a sales map for your ideal customers that ends in their love and support of your products.


Time to apply your unique brand messaging strategy through website copy, sales and abandoned cart sequences, newsletters, blog post services, and more. Set your brand up for increased revenue, returning customers, a better market share, and more.

Step 2

Following the live experience, you sit back and relax, and we create results for you!

Emma and the team will compile the results of activities from the WISDOM experience and combine it with research on your position in the market.

In one week’s time, you’ll receive your drafted Brand Messaging Bible for review.

Your bespoke Brand Messaging Bible includes:

Ideal Client Avatar demographic and psychographic analysis—in other words, you’ll know more about what makes your customers laugh, cry and buy than their best friends do!

"Your Ideal Client Speaks" (voice samples that are like reading their diary so when you speak to their pain points they say, “it’s like they’re talking right to me!”)

Competitor and Positioning Analysis so you stand out in the market

Brand Archetype Mix Report ($1,588 value) for an unforgettable voice that makes you the first and only option they think of, even in a saturated market

Brand Voice Guardrail so your team knows how to practically write in your voice (do you use contractions? Curse words? “You” singular? And so on! Goodbye editing!)

Your Business Dashboard which generally includes Brand Promises, Quick Pitch, Mission, Vision and Purpose Statements (share these everywhere please!)

Brand Storytelling Guide: you've heard stories sell, right? Your brand storytelling guide will have a bank of riveting stories and “characters” that’ll motivate your customers to action

Ideal Client Success Story + Analysis of Levels of Customer Awareness so you can quickly and compassionately move them along your sales journey to higher-priced offers

Origin Story written in your brand voice (often used for your About page or pitching talks)

Voice Checklist to ensure the messaging and voice in any piece of writing by you, a team member, or subcontractor is on-brand the first time, saving you hours of work (and headaches!)

Step 3

After incorporating your feedback, we’ll finalize your Brand Messaging Bible as a beautiful, PDF guide. This bespoke guide is yours to keep forever, and it will:

  • expertly guide your marketing and sales messaging for years to come
  • help you onboard team members and contractors so they know exactly what you stand for and how you engage with customers
  • inform SEO research for your website and blog so when your ideal customer is actively searching for what you offer (now that’s a hot lead!), you show up as the first solution to score the sale
  • give you and anyone who ever writes for you everything needed to craft perfectly on-brand copy. From the website to email marketing,
    customer service emails to social media, and everything in between.

Your Brand Messaging Bible is a foundational document for your business that will guide your strategy for years to come.

It pairs perfectly with your visual brand guide so you create a powerful and consistent brand experience across the board, online and in-person.


The result is more customers that are excited to book with you or buy from you, recommend you to others (even if they haven’t worked with you yet themselves), and come back for repeat sales. For a thriving business now and long-term.


$4000 CAD (or $3000 USD)

We also offer instalment plans for cash flow-friendly options.

Save thousands of dollars on rewriting copy because it doesn’t land the first time, cut down months of all-new team member training (those who write copy for you and contribute in other ways), and create marketing and sales strategies that will boost your profits. (We see it time and time again).

That's the power of your Brand Messaging Bible.