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Branded Website Copywriting

Get more of the right attention from customers and boost sales with conversion-focused, branded website copy. Crafted for premium service providers and high-end, product-based businesses.

Brands we've worked with:

Your website is meant to be a 24/7 working team member representing the premium experience that makes your business stand out.

A premium website attracts web traffic, grows your email list to nurture future customers, and makes you sales or books you calls.

If you’re not seeing these results—if it’s not doing its job—you’re leaving money and growth opportunities on the table.

Your website could actually be standing in the way of customers who’d love to connect with you and benefit from your products and services.

The good news is that expertly crafted, branded website copy is an investment that will get you that attention from customers and improve your profit. Its impact actually grows long-term as you allow its consistent messaging and SEO optimization to mature.

For a thriving business both now and long-term.


For a thriving business both now and long-term.

At EG: Content & Copy, we’re world experts on crafting branded website copy that takes your business to its next level of growth.

The key is to build your strong foundation from brand messaging, storytelling strategy, and search engine optimization. This empowers us to craft one-of-a-kind, branded website copy for you that converts and creates results for years to come.


New jewellery styles sell out so quickly that it’s time to raise your prices

Your boutique hotel or vacation rental shows up at the top of search results and books out with quality guests year-round

Bookings for weddings and events come in months or years in advance

Your spa’s seen as the desirable attraction you know it is, and there’s more excitement and free publicity for it than ever before

Ecommerce wine and spirits sales are up and more profitable than through dealers and retailers

Your tours are fully booked, and you’re onboarding new guides to serve more happy customers

You can relax, knowing you have a waitlist of ideal clients for your online coaching or consulting business

We see results like these time and time again. We’re excited to help you make your goals happen too.


We’re a Toronto-based branded copywriting boutique serving Canadian and international premium businesses. We craft a unique message with your website copy, so you stand out online, increase your sales, and create loyal customers. We’re your partners, invested in connecting you with the right leads for a thriving business long-term.

Discover our branded website copywriting experience:

Everything starts with our signature WISDOM Framework.

Our signature process for branded copywriting is unlike any other technique in the copywriting world. It marries brand messaging, psychology, and sales conversion best practices to create results through compassion—so your customers are more excited about the sale than you are!

Hover over each letter below to learn more:


We get to know the state of your business in depth, the customer awareness level of your ideal customers, and differentiating factors from your competitors.


Together, we’ll dive into the unique psychological profile of your customers, your brand archetype mix (used by Fortune 500 companies) to stand out in saturated markets, and create a one-of-kind brand voice that marries the two.


The values of your business and customers will be contrasted with the “villains” or dissatisfactions in their day-to-day lives for copywriting that’s compassionate and resonates on an emotional level.


We’ll create your classic messaging essentials like your Internal Mission, Vision statement, Brand Promises, and more.

Origin And Customer Success Stories

Using brand storytelling frameworks like the Hero’s Journey, we’ll humanize your brand’s origin story and create a sales map for your ideal customers that ends in their love and support of your products.


Time to apply your unique brand messaging strategy through website copy, sales and abandoned cart sequences, newsletters, blog post services, and more. Set your brand up for increased revenue, returning customers, a better market share, and more.

Next, we compile the results of your WISDOM experience into a Brand Messaging Bible.

This beautiful guide is yours to keep forever, helping you onboard team members and contractors, write future content for your business, and build marketing and sales strategies long-term. It immediately informs our SEO research for your position in the market and, critically, gives us everything we need to craft website copy with your custom brand voice to elevate your customer experience and make you more sales.

Hear it from our clients:

Emma is our go-to person not only because she is a great writer but she can be trusted with flushing out our very basic ideas into valuable content and copy.

“Emma’s team has worked closely with us to develop a voice for our business that resonates with customers, which is a difficult task given the subject matter of our industry. She spent a great deal of time researching our customers, reviewing the competition and listening to our thoughts on brand identity. Emma is our go-to person not only because she is a great writer but she can be trusted with flushing out our very basic ideas into valuable content and copy. It is due to Emma that we are slowly moving from a company that has a website about products and services to how we actually help a customer create a memorable experience.”

– Fiona Cunningham of Arbor Memorial Inc.

In the 21st century, branded website copywriting is critical to attracting quality customers to your businesses and building stable, growing profit long-term. It’s the most valuable member of your team, putting your best foot forward to clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for years—when done right. It’s time to create an online experience that matches the value you provide customers. Say yes to profit, confidence and ease today.

emma givens stepping out from the stairs outside

Our clients typically invest $8000 to $6000 CAD for a full branded website copy project ($6000 to $4500 USD). This includes a beautiful, take-home copy of your Brand Messaging Bible for use in sales and marketing strategy, team and contractor onboarding, and future copy and content for years to come.

Already have your Brand Messaging Bible from EG: Content & Copy? Please get in touch with us, and we’ll gladly send you a custom quote for your branded website copy project.

Typically, the full process is 4-6 weeks, depending on the scope of your branded website copy project. From kickoff to finalizing your Brand Messaging Bible will take about 1 week, SEO research and website journey planning will occur the following week, and branded copywriting, including drafts and revisions, takes 2-4 weeks depending on scope. If you’d like us to create lead magnets and email sequences for you to optimize sales from your website, that may bring the total project time up to 8 weeks (these are always well worth it!)

If you’re looking to complete a project quicker, we’re happy to do so subject to availability. Rush fees may apply.

This is a great question—as branded copywriting strategists who know that values matter, it’s just as important to be open about what we don’t stand for.

We do NOT work with businesses that provide products or services we can’t stand behind, and we have turned down projects before because of this.

On the other hand, we know that the vast majority of small and medium-sized businesses are compassionate and create truly valuable products and services that bring joy!

We LOVE to work with businesses that offer consumer discretionary goods—products that bring joy like wine, jewellery, textiles and apparel, wellness items, and luxury goods. We also LOVE writing for premium-quality service providers such as wedding videographers, real estate agents, operations managers, and luxury branding designers.

We don’t do visual branding or web design in-house, but we’re excited to connect you with preferred partners in one or both of these areas. These businesses are based in Canada and the USA. We’ll make our best recommendation based on your brand’s personality and budget. For web design, we’ll also take into account the platform you want your website built on. (For example, whether you use WordPress, Showit, Squarespace, or Shopify, or you have a service vs. an e-commerce business).

For ongoing copywriting and content writing work, such as email marketing, blog posts, and social media, our fabulous graphic designer Robyn will be on-hand to create your visuals!

If you’d like a sneak peek at our branding and web design recommendations, these are our preferred partners: OMAI Creative, Crème Brands, FEI Modern, Arcoíris Design Co., and Georgia Kaye. When you’re referred to them by us, we can collaborate on your project openly and you may receive incentives or even preferred pricing.

Absolutely! We’re happy to collaborate with you and your web designer. Best practice is that copywriting guides the web design process, and we’re happy to collaborate on wireframing (laying out your website) so that the design best supports the sales copy.

In fact, you’re likely to make your web designer very happy that the copywriting will be so effective and completed on schedule!

Typically, a standard 50% deposit is required up front in order to secure your spot on our calendar. The remaining 50% is then due upon submission of deliverables.

Our installment plans are flexible, however, and can range from pay-in-full to 3 months if needed, depending on the package. Feel free to book a call with us to discuss this in further detail.

Your start date will depend on availability but we typically book out 1 month in advance. If you’re ready to transform your online presence with branded copywriting, simply fill out our contact form and we’ll be in touch within 48 hours.

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