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About Us

Your partners in copywriting and content
marketing for premium businesses.

You’ve created a premium experience in the real world, from your physical storefront to your packaging.

The problem is how to translate your brand’s personality and the quality connections you create with customers online. After all, that’s where people are searching for what you offer, planning their trips, and comparing with your competitors in the market.

You’re ripe to hit a new level of success and profit when you confidently sell directly from your website. You need to win over customers online like you would in person!

That’s where we come in at EG: Content & Copy.


As a branded copywriting boutique, we craft a unique message for your premium business so you stand out online, increase your sales, and create loyal customers. We’re your partners, invested in connecting you with the right leads for a thriving business long-term.

Who We Write For

We predominantly write for businesses with consumer discretionary goods—products that bring joy like wine, jewellery, textiles and apparel, and luxury goods. We also write for premium service providers such as realtors, wedding videographers, vacation rental owners, operations managers, and luxury branding designers.

We specialize in high-end service and product-based businesses who need luxury copywriting services in Toronto and Southern Ontario, and across Canada. Plus, we also work with aligned clients and partners everywhere in the world from Singapore through the USA.

Brands we've worked with:

Our Story

Emma Givens founded EG: Content & Copy after leaving her full-time marketing job at one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies (awarded by Deloitte) in late 2018. In fact, her first copy and content writing client was her previous employer (who is still one of our most committed partners to this day!)

At first, EG: Content & Copy started as a bridge between leaving that job and going back to school for marketing with a Master’s in Cultural Tourism at the University of Girona (Spain).

After an intense semester studying between the Pyrenees and the Costa Brava, Emma realized that her previous experiences in marketing and copywriting were everything she needed for her business to thrive. So, she decided to focus on EG: Content & Copy full-time and said goodbye to her Master’s degree in February 2020.

When the pandemic hit one month later, Emma caught the last repatriation flight out of Spain and landed back in her hometown of Toronto. Now, she faced growing her young business in the face of a global pandemic.

The key to her success was making human connections online, leading to a stable 6-figure business and, most importantly, incredible friends, clients, and colleagues in the real world. (Much like what you want for your business too!)

Since then, EG: Content & Copy has grown from just Emma to 5 incredible team members and has made a mark for itself as the world’s premier branded copywriting boutique!

Our Values


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Meet the team

Emma Givens

Emma Givens

Founder & CEO

Emma Givens is the Founder and CEO of EG: Content & Copy. She’s a brand messaging strategist, web copywriter and business copywriting coach with 10+ years of experience. She specializes in serving premium SMBs (Small and Medium-sized Businesses).

Sarah Kaufmann

Junior Copywriter

Sarah Kaufmann is the Junior Content and Brand Copywriter for clients at EG: Content & Copy. She focuses mainly on blog posts and social media captions, plus the topics of travel, arts, plant-based living, mental health, and queer-owned business.

Robyn Brown

Graphic Designer

Robyn Brown is the Graphic Designer at EG: Content & Copy. She creates professional graphics and videos for the company and clients. Robyn also strategizes around social media, takes product photography for clients, and even more!

Berta Garrote

Berta Garrote

Podcast & Video Manager

Berta Garrote is the Podcast and Video Manager at EG: Content & Copy. She takes care of the company’s official podcast, YouTube channel and promotional materials. She also corrects Emma’s Spanish translations at times.

Hannah Walton

Client Concierge/Operations VA

Hannah Walton is the Client Concierge and Operations VA at EG: Content & Copy. That means she knows each of our clients incredibly well. She helps optimize the internal team, projects, and systems, so our clients get the best experience possible—while keeping Emma’s peace of mind!

Sydney Moots

Graphic Designer

Sydney is the Graphic Designer for EG: Content & Copy. She focuses on clients that have ongoing content marketing retainers with us to create shareable, branded graphics that suit their brand voice. She also supports the EG internal team with graphic design and social media.

photo of sydney Moots holding a cup of coffee and smiling

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