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March Favourites 2018

April 5, 2018

Hey everyone! I’m so excited to share a range of favourites from March that I think you’re really going to enjoy. You’ll see a few media recommendations and even a delicious tea latte! So without further ado, here are my favourites from March.

Queer Eye


One of the quirky parts of my anxiety disorder is that any fictional drama is extremely hard for me to manage. It stresses me out, and feels like all the characters’ struggles are personally happening to me. That’s why it’s such a blessing to have TV shows like the Netflix original Queer Eye out in the world. It takes on tough topics with an attitude of  positivity and joy.

The “Fab 5” each have their own specialties that they bring to a makeover. Tan and Jonathan lift self-esteem through fashion and grooming, Antoni increases autonomy by empowering people to cook great quality food, Bobby gifts them a space that lets their values shine, and Karamo elevates their consciousness by challenging limiting beliefs and bringing in culture. Each makeover subject experiences an inner transformation that shines even brighter than the outer one. The week they spend with the Fab 5 is an opportunity to engage with their true selves and bring it to the forefront with the support and uplifting attitudes of their Fab 5 team.

Each episode you feel like you’ve come through a great therapy session. You get a sense of joy and fun that the Fab 5 so readily transmit, and are a little more optimistically engaged with the social issues they explore whether it’s coming out, religious tension, race relations, etc.

I wholeheartedly recommend Queer Eye to anyone, and especially those who thought it wouldn’t quite apply to them – you will be so pleasantly surprised.

Can I Pet Your Dog? Podcast

Allegra Ringo and Renee Colvert are absolute joys whose dominating passions in life are comedy and dogs, probably not in that order. These women are devoted to their canine pals through and through. Each episode, they feature a different dog breed (or sometimes summarize the movie Air Bud) in one minute, feature new dog tech, interview a semi-famous dog owner, and  bring hilarity and joy to the dog-sasters and dog victories of dog ownership.

Warning: you will laugh out loud listening to CIPYD and will immediately get immersed in the community. Join their Facebook group – if you’re not a bot! – and have your feed inundated with the most delightful images of dog bleps, toe beans, and outright puppy shenanigans.

I am being totally sincere when I say that the Can I Pet Your Dog podcast has made my world a happier place.

Lavender Lattes

My mom recently gave me a box of Stash Organic Lavender Tulsi Herbal Tea. This tea is so yummy on its own, but I decided to use our Nespresso milk frother to make myself a latte version! I just steep the tea bag in about a third of a large mug, froth the milk in the meantime, then spoon out the milk and froth onto the tea. There you go – a delicious lavender latte!

It seems that the calming effects of lavender mixed with the drowsy effects of warm milk would make it easier to fall asleep. I always notice how much more relaxed my body and mind have become after savouring a nice lavender latte.

Kati Morton’s Youtube Channel

My final favourite of the month is Kati Morton’s incredible mental health Youtube channel. I was searching for a video about anxiety and came across the hundreds of mental health videos Kati has created.

First of all, it’s important to me that Kati is a professional (a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist). In my mental health journey, I want to make sure I’m careful with whose advice and ideas I absorb because facing my struggles can feel vulnerable.

Kati is also incredibly personable. She makes you feel as comfortable as if you were talking to her one on one. Her videos and community are an incredibly safe space and her passion for making mental health care more accessible to the masses is awe inspiring. I am so grateful for her work and will spend hours playing her videos, enjoying her community, and educating myself about self-care and a plethora of different mental health issues.

You can check out Kati’s youtube channel here:

And her website is

And that’s it for my monthly favourites of March! Are you a fan of any of these favourites? (My bet’s on the lavender latte.) 😉

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Stay brave folks!

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