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Priority Lists: Your New Time Hero!

March 11, 2020

“This time change is killing me!” – You

Yep, I hear you, although it’s a bit different across the pond! Believe it or not, Spain is waiting 3 extra weeks compared with North America in moving the clocks forward this year. As part of the Intrepid Emma community, my priority is consistently showing up for you, even if my own schedule’s been thrown off. Most importantly? I’m here to say that:


Even if you’re:

Emma writing a priority list in her journal

  • Groggy at work by mid-afternoon
  • Sending daggers of hate from your eyes at the dark morning sky
  • Struggling to keep your kids on a human sleep schedule
  • Lagging behind in your tasks (due to that grogginess and mood)

You’re still:

  • Showing up every day
  • Getting the essentials done that keep life moving and food on the table
  • Adjusting, however slowly to Daylight Savings Time.

But I want to make this transition even easier for you. Here’s how:

Try out this technique I’ve adapted from Tonya Dalton book The Joy of Missing Out. Instead of making a To-Do list at the start of your day, make a Priority list. You’ll choose 3 bare essential tasks that really move the needle.

1. I need to escalate:
2. I choose to cultivate:
3. I will accommodate:

For example, today my Priority list is:

1. I need to escalate: emailing a proposal to a new Done-For-You writing subscription client.
2. I choose to cultivate: business clarity by completing Module 5 of B-School.
3. I will accommodate: picking up some prescriptions from the pharmacy.

It’s only 1PM Spain time, and I’ve already completed Priority 1, and super psyched about Priority 2! Plus, I’ve actually completed far more than my priorities, but the key is that my priorities will definitely get done. And if you don’t complete any extra tasks? That’s okay, because you’re keeping up with what matters most in your life.

Keep in mind that Cultivate could include attending a tax prep webinar, reading 5 pages from Atomic Habits, sending a text to a friend you’re missing, and more! You can cultivate your skills, knowledge, or relationships.

I’d love to hear if this priority exercise helps! As I expand my content writing business into brand voice subscriptions and writing coaching, I hope to share even more of these value-packed resources with you.

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