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Springtime Feel Good Favourites

July 3, 2018


My springtime favourites were all about feeling good emotionally. I think they’ll help you too this summer!

The Clue app tracked emotional (and physical) highs and lows, lavender candles soothed me to sleep, and nature documentaries enraptured the soul. Finally, a special Youtuber sent me cozy, feel good vibes from across cyberspace.

Clue App

Clue App Tiles Interface

My first favourite of spring was the Clue app. Every day, I quickly update Clue with how my body feels both emotionally and physically, as well as the experiences I’ve had. Clue makes it easy by giving you clear categories with four tile options underneath. Just tap the most applicable option! You can also create your own “tags” to personalize what you track.                                     

Clue is primarily intended to track the female hormonal cycle to give you insight into your period and fertile windows. However, you can turn these features on and off. Clue also learns about your digestion, skin and hair health, mood, etc. to recognize patterns. Over time it’ll give you feedback and forecasts on the impact hormones may have on your mental and physical health.

Nature’s Great Events

Nature's Great Events

I love good nature documentaries, and Nature’s Great Events, available on Netflix but produced by the BBC, is easily the best. The cinematography is breathtaking and educational value was off the charts. It taught me things I never knew that I never knew!

Want to know why pacific salmon are basically superheroes? Interested in a Lord of the Rings style battle scene between birds, sardines, and sharks? Look no further. Nature’s Great Events is honestly mind blowing – I promise you. Like all good nature documentaries, it mentions the important impacts of climate change, however, rather than depressing you as so many do, it fills you with respect for the animals affected and full of hope for their futures.

Lavender Candle

For the past month, on evenings when I can climb into bed early, I’ll light my new Bath and Body Works French Lavender candle and read a book. This ritual is so calming and restorative.

Back in my March Favourites, I wrote about the benefits of lavender lattes to help you fall asleep. The benefit of a candle is that the calming scent of lavender is even more enhanced. The burning flames heat up the natural lavender essential oils and they form shining pools of water that emit a potent scent of the French countryside. As long as you always blow the candles out before falling asleep, this habit will turn your nighttime sleep ritual into a blessing.

Kalyn Nicholson’s Youtube Channel

I’ve been watching Kalyn Nicholson’s Youtube channel since the winter, when I first stumbled across her video of how she manages her anxiety. Kalyn is so authentic and open with her viewers, now adapting primarily to vlog style “Coffee Talk” videos that make you feel like you’re conversing with a close, wise friend. If you share interests with Kalyn, give her Youtube channel a try. Those interests include a love of dogs (she has a cutie named Bentley), yoga, personal development, and traveling!

Here’s a video that convinced me how much I adore Kalyn. She brings us into her Sunday to show us how to start off the week on a positive note while keeping it nice and cozy!

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