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Social media writing prompts for engaging captions!

April 5, 2021

Ever struggle coming up with what to write on social media? Or feel like it’s all over the place, without any strategy? Well, social media writing prompts will give you something intentional to say!

We’ve covered the three main content buckets you need for your social media marketing already on the blog. I encourage you to check that post out first if you haven’t already!


For a quick reminder, these are your core buckets:

  • Know/Like/Trust
  • Expert/Education
  • Offer (free and paid)

There’s another category that helps build trust (like in bucket 1), shows you’re an expert (like in bucket 2) and can be used to sell your offer (like in bucket 3). Here it is:

  • Client success stories

For today’s purpose: social media writing prompts, we’re going to stay super surface level on Client Success Stories so you can use them right away.

Just keep these tips in mind:

  • Religiously follow up to get client testimonials and product reviews
  • Ask/track where your client/customer was struggling or dissatisfied before your offer, and contrast that with their improvements after your offer
  • Make sure you maintain your relationships with past clients/customers throughout the year(s) so you can see the positive impact you had on them (and get the added benefit that this also helps keep them warm and returning!)

Do those 3 things and you’ll be well ahead of the typical small business owner. You’ll also be able to easily make use of the writing prompts in the Client Success Story category below.

Without further ado, let’s get into the social media writing prompts that will make writing captions easier than ever!

Social media writing prompts will make writing captions easy!

The 4 Categories of Social Media Writing Prompts

1. Know/Like/Trust Prompts

  • What are your 3-5 core values?
  • What are 1-5 things you’re grateful for right now?
  • My word/theme/focus/resolution for 2021 is…

Or finish these sentences:

  • “YOU are why I started this business./I started this business because…/My mission is…”
  • “Coming to you from (INSERT LOCATION HERE) today because…”
  • “What’s been the highlight of your week? Mine was…”
  • “Coffee or tea? I prefer…” (Or substitute with any 2 easy things that people like to give their opinions on)
  • “What are your plans for the weekend? I’ll be…”
  • “What does your morning routine look like? As a (INSERT YOUR TITLE HERE), my days start out with…”
  • “My favourite quote is… It means a lot to me because…”
  • “I love this philosophy. Do you agree or disagree?/What’s your take?”


2. Expert/Education

  • Share a commonly held “truth” about your industry. Do you agree or disagree and why?
  • Repurpose part of a blog post or newsletter where you served value, tips, how-tos, theory, etc.
  • Share the story behind a program/product you’ve created.

Or finish these sentences:

  • “Yesterday I helped a client… met with a client… created a…”
  • “A common question I get from my clients is… I tell them…”
  • “A huge myth about (INSERT YOUR INDUSTRY HERE) is that…”
  • “The biggest lesson I learned from [my formal training or apprenticeship] was…”

3. Offers (free/paid)

  • Copy and paste the most essential parts of your sales page (think the AIDA copywriting structure) in mini version!
  • Ask them if they resonate with your ICA’s #1 pain point (i.e. phrase as a question)… then share some of the desires, features + benefits from your sales page.

Or finish this sentence:

  • “Want (INSERT YOUR BIG BENEFIT HERE)? Grab the…/Sign up for…/Drop your favourite emoji in the comments below for…”

NOTES for Offer posts: Always add 1 easy, simple CTA! Also, consider starting conversations with people who engage with you in your comments via direct or private messages as a relationship-building exercise.


4. Client Success Stories

  • Turn the client experiences you mapped with Story Brand into social media posts
  • Share a testimonial and give the backstory behind it
  • With permission depending on the level of detail, give the backstory of your client (where they began) and how you helped them get to the solution/ideal they’re at today!

Or finish these sentences by highlighting their update/results/outcome related to your work together.

  • “One of my favourite clients just shared…”
  • Just got news from my client (INSERT NAME HERE) that…”
  • Just hopped off a call with a client who…” 

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