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How to create a waitlist page for your course or program

Sending a big thank you to the junior copywriter on my team, Sarah Kaufmann, for repurposing my YouTube video on the how to create a waitlist page into this super handy blog post! Are you releasing a course or program? Do you have spots open for the fall? Do you want people rolling in, even during your […]

Social media writing prompts for engaging captions!

Ever struggle coming up with what to write on social media? Or feel like it’s all over the place, without any strategy? Well, social media writing prompts will give you something intentional to say! We’ve covered the three main content buckets you need for your social media marketing already on the blog. I encourage you […]

Can you use a blog for marketing?

Last week, a friend in my Mastermind asked a question: Is it selling out to use a blog post for marketing? As a content writer and blog coach, I’m going to share with you what I told her:   Dear Friend, Unless you’re using your blog like a journal (which no business ever should, including […]